We always tend to make New Year Resolutions for ourselves, but how many people make horse related ones too? We’ve looked at some of the common New Years Resolutions to see how they can relate to our horsey counterparts to improve their 2019!

Healthy Eating

How many people start their diets on the 1st January (we won’t discuss how long they tend to last!)? It’s probably a bit easier to get our horses eating a bit healthier, since there’s less temptation and their diets are somewhat ‘fibrous’!

A great New Year’s Resolution for healthy eating for your horse could be to start on the healthy treats. There are so many more options with molasses free treats, or ones that are low in sugar, so why not trade in those unhealthier options and opt for something on the healthier side!

Crunchits treats are naturally healthy, molasses free, low sugar, bite-sized horse treats providing a wonderful variety of flavours, texture and aromas that horses and ponies love.

Vitamunch fibre blocks are high fibre, low calorie, low sugar, cereal-free snack, made from quality Timothy grass and enriched with essential vitamins and minerals.

Take a look at our 5 reasons to feed Vitamunch this winter!

Do you tend to eat your ‘5 a day’? Sometimes when horses are working hard, or if they are on limited turnout or poor grazing, they might not be getting their full ‘5 a day’. Using a multivitamin or balancer in their feed should help provide them with missing nutrients.

Simplysunshine is a super concentrated horse feed balancer with added beta carotene & live yeast probiotic, for optimum health & vitality. A small 30g scoop a day can help top up your horses essential vitamins and minerals.

New Year, New Me + Save Some Money!

A perfect time for a clean up and clear out! Take a look at that horsey wardrobe and maybe it’s time to send those saddlecloths to be cleaned, rugs to be repaired and the old tatty boots put in the bin!

Instead of having different boots for different activities, you could save money and wardrobe space by getting one boot to do it all! The Tri-Zone All Sports boot is the perfect all-rounder – whether you are hacking, schooling, jumping, or competing! Plus, it comes with a 1 year guarantee.

Get Fitter

Take the New Year on to tackle riding more and in the process, improve your riding too – for you and your horse! Judy Harvey once said “An established, still, relaxed, lower leg is critical to staying in balance.”.

We all strive to ride to the best of our ability, but sometimes we need a little help along the way. Why not start off 2019 with some help from our handy training aid, Symmetry Straps, so that you can build up fitness and muscle memory and spend the rest of the year honing in on your ‘Inner Charlotte’.

Take a look at improving your position for 2019 here.

Take a look at some stretches you can do with your horse to keep them feeling supple!

Learn More

The great thing about owning horses, is you never stop learning. Everyday is a school day. You think you know a fair bit, and they seem to throw something else your way just to knock you off course!

We’ve put together a whole library of training, ailment and care articles to be used as a resource to help horse owners, so if you’ve got a bit of free time on your hands, take a look at our Wellbeing Centre – you never know, you might learn something!


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