A great way to spend time with your horse is grooming – for so many different reasons.

1. It’s always a great ‘feel good’ to notice the before and after a grooming session! One shiny and gleaming horse, coming right up! 

Here’s some tips on getting the best results:

Firstly, good quality brushes can really make all the difference in helping to remove dirt, hair and dead skin cells from your horse’s coat.  Different brushes have different uses too, for example (and in order of use) >>

  • Equishine Pro Flick has long bristles which help to remove surface debris including shavings from the coat, mane and tail and the outer bristles will help absorb dust.
  • Equishine Pro Dust will pull dirt from the depth of the coat and also massage your horse’s skin, they will love you for it.
  • Equishine Pro Finish which has extra soft tips which will not only soothe your horse but will bring out their natural oils for a healthy, shiny looking coat.  The Pro Finish will also absorb the dust and give your horse’s coat a mirror like shine.

Pro Flick Brush

Pro Dust Brush

Pro Finish Brush

Not only will regular grooming promote great skin health by removing dirt which may help prevent the chance of your horse itching and then damaging their skin,  it also gives you the opportunity to spend quality time bonding with your horse and to check them over for any issues or injuries.

So, remember grooming is an essential part of your care routine and should never be overlooked, you want your horse in tip top condition, show or no show!

Thank you to Debra Graham, Equishine, for this article!