image1.JPG“3 words used to describe the Equilibrium Massage Mitt? 

  1. Versatile 

  2. Simple

  3. Diverse

The Massage Mitt comes in a handy protective carrying case making it easy to store, equally as easy to take to shows, camps or overnight stays. It can be used for many reasons but my main ones are after a long travel, which is quite often seeing as we come from Cornwall! I also use it to help alleviate any problems in the larger muscle areas and as an awarding treatment. I really like the fact that the mitt it versatile to be used on all large muscles including the neck, back and bum. I am able to focus on areas that need the pulsing vibrations the most whichever one that may be. The Massage Mitt itself is a neat little bundle that is lightweight and fits any size/shaped hand because of the large lyrca strap.

image2.JPGThe mitt has come to my rescue many times, for instance we had just travelled 4 and a half hours and I was plaiting Sprite ready for an ODE the next day. I noticed when brushing her she very lightly dipped over the very top of her bum on the left hand side. I was going to use the Mitt anyway because of the long travel but asked Chris (my partner) to use it while I plaited focusing it towards that area the most – I set it on high and off he went. By the time the Mitt had turned off after 10 minutes the slight flinch was no more. I was super impressed.

The Equilibrium Massage Mitt is a great piece of equipment that really suits for me to use at home for a quick 10 minute reward and also helps my younger mare Lola relax before riding. The Massage Mitt has an important space when packing for an event and I would miss it if I didn’t have it. Really appreciate this great product.”

Emily Dunstan, Event Rider