About Equilibrium Equine Products

We know that your horse is special – your partner, your friend, your confidant. We know this because that is what our horses mean to us.

Owning and caring for your horse can be a worthwhile experience and an enormous privilege. Few pursuits are as engaging or as rewarding.  Why else do we struggle through the wet and cold on dark winter mornings to look after our horses.

We are passionately dedicated to improving equine welfare and our mission is to create innovative, effective solutions to help horse owners like you solve common problems. We want to make a difference to the quality of horses’ lives.

Here at our offices at Grooms Lodge we have a working yard with all breeds and types of horses from young to old and both sexes. Looking after and working with our horses everyday is our research and development inspiration.  We really have ‘hands on’ experience of what challenges and rewards of being a horse owner are.

Since the company was founded in 2001 we have always tried to ensure that our equine products are of the highest quality and are made in a way that gives you confidence in their ability to perform and help your horse.  That is why we scientifically test our products in independent laboratories (such as testing our horse boots for impact protection) and testing in field trials amongst a huge panel of horse owners like you.

It is also very important to us that you are completely happy with the product you have chosen and we welcome all feedback, whether good or bad.  So if you have a question or just would like some extra help please do get in touch – we are always delighted to hear from other horse owners.