Maisie the Blue Cross Shetland en
Maisie the Blue Cross Shetland en

Left, Maisy when she arrived at the Blue Cross, right shows after.


The Blue Cross is an animal welfare charity which has been dedicated to helping poorly, injured and abandoned pets for over 100 years. They opened the world’s first animal hospital in 1906 and since then they have cared for sick and homeless animals and gone on to help them find new homes. They now run four animal hospitals and 12 rehoming centres across the UK which provide treatment and seek happy homes for thousands of cats, dogs, small pets and horses every year.

The Blue Cross rehomes horses on a monitored loan so they can check in to see how the horse is getting on. Recently the Blue Cross has been giving Vitamunch to some of the horses at their Burford centre.

The adorable little Shetland in the photo, Maisy, was one of the patients who enjoyed her munch. Maisy was sent to The Blue Cross due to her owner’s ill health which prevented her from caring for Maisy anymore.

Unfortunately she had severe rain scald which meant she had to spend a lot of time in the stable. Vitamunch was great at keeping her entertained and supplying her with vital vitamins and minerals she needed to remain healthy.

She is now much better but still enjoying her Vitamunch!

Other residents have enjoyed their vitamunch too, here is what some of the staff have said:Steven, Riding Groom says “Magpie loves her Vitamunch. Because she’s a young horse it’s a great way of keeping her occupied when she comes into the stable.”

Julia, Horse Care Groom says “Derek has been on a diet plan and it’s a great way for him to get all the essential vitamins and minerals he needs whilst he’s losing weight.”

Grace, Training Supervisor says “Every horse that eats a Vitamunch seem to really enjoy them.”

If you are interested in learning more about the Blue Cross and how to rehome a horse see here