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Mikey is an 11-year-old Irish Sports Horse, owned by Laura Szuca since 2014. They compete in showing and dressage, although Mikey hacks regularly and jumps from time to time.

Mikey is prone to filled legs, especially after working hard and in the mornings after being stabled overnight. He is also at a prime age for arthritis, and like most horses with a bit of mileage – can start his ridden sessions a bit stiff, particularly in winter.


Laura says:

“If I am honest, I wasn’t sure if the magnetic therapy chaps would work.. Were they just a fad, and yet another way to spend my hard-earned cash on my horse?

I have been using them now for over a month and so feel I have given them a fair trial to see if they could make a difference to my horse, Mikey – an 11-year-old ISH with a pretty busy life. More and more recently his legs have been swelling up overnight, and he is now at a prime age for arthritis.

Having read up on the Equilibrium magnetic chaps, and having used some of their other products before that I liked, I decided to purchase some. They can be used on front and back legs (I purchased a pair for both) and they fit well, one thing I really like about the product is that you can move the magnets to where you want them, which means if you think you have a problem area somewhere in the leg you can just pull the Vitaflex magnets off and then put them where you want them.

For me, Mikey has a splint on both of his front legs, so I figured that if I am going to pick somewhere to put the magnets, there is as good a place as any. On his hind legs I have put the magnets up high to help any onset of arthritis.

He wears them in his stable overnight and they don’t move an inch! The first thing I noticed after just a few days was the shape of Mikey’s leg – honestly – I have owned him for 3 years and have never seen such definition! There is no swelling, no puffiness and his legs both look and feel great.

The second benefit, which to be honest I wasn’t really expecting is the difference in his splints, they have reduced in size – I was shocked! He’s had the splints around 12-18 months and I didn’t think you could really do anything for them at this stage, but I can honestly say they have both reduced in size, and the one on his right fore has almost gone. A miracle? I don’t know, but the only change I have made to his well-being is using the Equilibrium Magnetic Chaps. A definite 10/10 for me!”


Equilibrium Therapy Magnetic Chaps:

The Equilibrium Therapy Magnetic Chaps provide a quick and effective way of providing magnetic therapy to horses. They are suitable for front and hind legs, are quick and easy to put on and can conveniently be left on overnight in the stable. The magnets are also able to be positioned anywhere within the chap – so can be placed exactly where they are needed.

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