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6 Things You Need This Season

Daylight is getting longer and the temperatures are lifting, which means…the competition season is within sight! Why not get prepared and take a look at these essential products we believe you need this season? NEW Tri-Zone Impact Sports Boots The boot that does it all!  These boots are ideal for any high-impact activity, including Cross […]


4 Horsey New Years Resolutions!

We always tend to make New Year Resolutions for ourselves, but how many people make horse related ones too? We’ve looked at some of the common New Years Resolutions to see how they can relate to our horsey counterparts to improve their 2019! Healthy Eating How many people start their diets on the 1st January […]


Simple stretches to help keep your horse supple

Stretching your horse is an easy way to maintain good muscle health. Stretches should only be carried out once the muscles have been warmed up. After exercise is the best time to stretch your horse, alternatively using the Equilibrium Massage Pad and the Massage Mitt on key areas, such as the neck, shoulders and quarters […]


Essential Hoof Care

The structures in a horse’s feet are responsible for supporting the full weight of the horse over a small area. Routine foot care is therefore extremely important, as any problems in the feet can be extremely detrimental to mobility and health. Structure of the foot Coronary band This is located at the top of the […]


Winter Leg Care

Though we know to keep our horses wrapped up in cosy rugs to keep them warm in winter time, it is all too easy to forget about their leg care. Cold, wet weather can leave your horse with stiff and painful joints, particularly if he has arthritis. Turning your horse out in muddy fields can […]


Looking after your horse’s joints

Whatever your discipline, it is essential to take good care of your horse’s joints to prevent future problems occurring. Most horse owners know that regular care of legs, feet and back can help prevent future problems and prolong their horse’s working life. However, many overlook proper joint care, something that could impact on all of these areas. […]