Equine Ailments

Severe horse sunburn
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Horse Skin Conditions - Lumps, Bumps, Reactions & Rashes

Skin Conditions in Horses If you find your horse has any unusual lumps, bumps rashes or bald patches, how do you know what skin condition it is? Understanding horse skin conditions can be confusing and frustrating to know how to treat them. …
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Breathability is Best

When considering leg protection for our horses, most horse owners are now aware that the ‘modern’ horse boot should be breathable but do we really understand the importance of choosing a breathable boot for our horses? Firstly we must…

Overreach injuries & how to avoid them

What is an overreach injury? An overreach injury occurs when a horse steps on the back of a fore limb heel with the toe of a hind limb. In extreme cases an overreach injury can be potentially life threatening for a horse. This is because there…

Simple stretches to help keep your horse supple

Stretching your horse is an easy way to keep your horse supple and helps to maintain good muscle health. Stretches should only be carried out once the muscles have been warmed up. After exercise is the best time to stretch your horse, alternatively…

An introduction to Sarcoids

What are sarcoids? Sarcoids are benign skin tumours that can be found in horses, donkeys and mules, they are generally not life threatening but do destruct the skin cells that are surrounding them. They appear in different forms on a horse…
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Is sugar the enemy?

Often one of the first questions we get regarding the range of feeds and supplements we market at Equilibrium Products is “what is the sugar content?” High sugar diets have been increasingly implicated in conditions such as laminitis. Horses…
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Equilibrium Magnetic Therapy vs. Massage Therapy or both?

Would you know when to use Massage Therapy or Magnetic Therapy on your horse or both? Animal physiotherapy including Massage and Magnetic therapies has become increasingly popular for the treatment and maintenance of horses in recent years,…
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Equilibrium Therapy & Racehorse Rehabilitation - Our Story

Jack Dawson – Heart Stopper Jack Dawson retired sound from racing at the age of 10 in autumn 2007 after 71 races. During Jack's career he won eleven races, nine on the flat and two over hurdles. John Berry of Beverley House Stables, his…

What is Strangles ?

What is Strangles? Equine Strangles is a bacterial infection (Streptococcus equi subspecies equi) of the upper respiratory tract of horses, causing enlargement of the lymph nodes in the throat, which may impair breathing. Strangles is highly…