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The Horse's Hock - Treatments and symptoms of hock joint lameness

The Horse’s Hock Joint Horse's Hock anatomy The horse’s hock joint is one of the hardest working of all the joints, and plays a critical role especially in performance horses. It is also one of the most complicated. The horse’s…
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Breathability is Best

When considering leg protection for our horses, most horse owners are now aware that the ‘modern’ horse boot should be breathable but do we really understand the importance of choosing a breathable boot for our horses? Firstly we must…

Overreach injuries & how to avoid them

What is an overreach injury? An overreach injury occurs when a horse steps on the back of a fore limb heel with the toe of a hind limb. In extreme cases an overreach injury can be potentially life threatening for a horse. This is because there…
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Tri-Zone Boot Testing Methods

 Tri-Zone Boots - Tested to the Limits Boots are safety equipment As riders, we protect our most vital areas (head and torso) with riding hats, body protectors and more recently air jackets. Rider protective equipment is subjected to extensive…
First Aid Kit
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The Ideal Equine First Aid Kit

The Equine First Aid Kit As every horse owner knows, it is essential to keep a well stocked equine first aid kit at the yard, ready for use in the case of an injury. Even the most careful of us can end up having to administer first aid to everyday…
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A Guide to Horse Boots, Wraps and Chaps

Why use horse boots, wraps and chaps?          Choosing horse boots, wraps and chaps. With so many boots available, finding the right boots for your horse can be confusing. As riders and horse owners, we ask our horses to live and…

Winter Leg Care

Though we know to keep our horses wrapped up in cosy rugs to keep them warm in winter time, it is all too easy to forget about their leg care. Cold, wet weather can leave your horse with stiff and painful joints, particularly if he has arthritis.…
What is ringbone

Equine Digital Flexor Tendon Injuries

Why are tendons important? Tendons are important for transmitting forces from muscle to bone. The equine flexor tendons are important for supporting the fetlock joint during standing and locomotion, and for energy efficient movement, but at…
Stretch and Flex Wraps

Looking after your horse's joints

Whatever your discipline, it is essential to take good care of your horse's joints to prevent future problems occurring. Most horse owners know that regular care of legs, feet and back can help prevent future problems and prolong their…

**Staff Pick** Equi-Chaps Stable Chaps

"I can’t imagine not using the Equi-Chaps Stable Chaps now, they really have been fantastic." Equilibrium Products Marketing Assistant, Chelsie Horne says, "For years I have used stable bandages to reduce filled legs and maintain warmth…