Breathability is Best

When considering leg protection for our horses, most horse owners…

Overreach injuries & how to avoid them

What is an overreach injury? An overreach injury occurs when…

Tri-Zone Boot Testing Methods

 Tri-Zone Boots - Tested to the Limits Boots are safety equipment As…
First Aid Kit

The Ideal Equine First Aid Kit

The Equine First Aid Kit As every horse owner knows, it is essential…
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A Guide to Horse Boots, Wraps and Chaps

Why use horse boots, wraps and chaps? Finding the right horse…
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Winter Leg Care

Though we know to keep our horses wrapped up in cosy rugs to…
What is ringbone

Equine Digital Flexor Tendon Injuries

Why are tendons important? Tendons are important for transmitting…
Stretch and Flex Wraps

Looking after your horse's joints

Whatever your discipline, it is essential to take good care…