Simplymare and Dushi

Owner:  Elizabeth Hough Horses Name: Dushi (stable name) Jazzability (competition name) Horses Age: 9 years Discipline: Dressage About 10 weeks ago my mare was nearly unrideable. Not just with me on her but also my trainer on board…

Sunshine Challenge - Bella

Name: Claire Bamber Horses name: Bella Age: 16 Discipline: Showing/happy hacker/boss of the team   About: Bella is now touching into her veteran years, so I wanted to begin to think about making sure her overall wellbeing is suited…

5 reasons to feed vitamunch in winter

We know that winter can present extra challenges to feeding regimes but this handy little hay block is a really handy way to help keep your horse happy and healthy this winter. Unlike other fibre blocks, vitamunch is based on quality Timothy…
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MSM and feeding the competition horse

Posted 20th September 2017 Proposed additions to the FEI Prohibited substances list in 2018 The FEI will shortly publish its list of prohibited substances for 2018.  In June, when the provisional list was published, concerns were raised regarding…
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Is sugar the enemy?

Often one of the first questions we get regarding the range of feeds and supplements we market at Equilibrium Products is “what is the sugar content?” High sugar diets have been increasingly implicated in conditions such as laminitis. Horses…
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Simple Solutions with simplyirresistible

Simplyirresisitible - more than just a Feed-Topping Suitable for all horses and ponies for a variety of uses, simplyirresistible is a natural blend of tasty vegetables and delicious fruits, rich in antioxidants with added probiotics to support…

Simply Nutrition and Racehorses

The importance of diet in the Racehorse For racehorses, good race results rely on appropriate training. Sound preparation ultimately aims to delay the onset of fatigue during a race, so achieving optimal performance. Diet forms an intrinsic…

Is your horse getting all the vitamins it needs?

Does my horse need extra vitamins? How often are we told “you are what you eat”, and this is as true for horses as it is for humans. A typical horse will eat 10-12 kg in total of feed and forage per day.  This is broadly the same weight…

Do horses need extra electrolytes?

What are electrolytes? Present in small amounts, electrolytes are positively charged ions that are dissolved in the blood and the fluid that exists between cells and sweat.  The principal electrolytes are sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium…

simplyirresistible - the healthy, handy horse treat

This versatile horse treat is healthy & handy for use every day Suitable for all horses and ponies for a whole variety of uses, simplyirresistible horse treat is a natural blend of tasty vegetables and delicious fruits, rich in antioxidants…