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Frequently Asked Questions – Magnetic

We have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions on our Magnetic Range below. If you would like your question answered, please email [email protected] and we will post it here with our answer. Magnetic FAQ: How do the magnets work? A magnet has two poles, North and South. Opposite poles attract and conversely like poles repel. When a magnet is […]


How Magnets Work

Magnetic Fields A magnetic field is at the very foundation of life on this planet. Millions of years ago when the first signs of life were emerging, the Earth’s geomagnetic field was perhaps hundreds of times stronger. Our bodies were developed in an environment rich in oxygen, water, nutrients, gravity and magnetism. All of the […]


Case Study: Magnetic Chaps for Filled Legs

About Mikey is an 11-year-old Irish Sports Horse, owned by Laura Szuca since 2014. They compete in showing and dressage, although Mikey hacks regularly and jumps from time to time. Mikey is prone to filled legs, especially after working hard and in the mornings after being stabled overnight. He is also at a prime age […]


Magnetic Chaps – A review by Daisy Coakley

In my opinion the Equilibrium Magnetic Chaps are the unsung hero of the Equilibrium Range. My horses tend to wear them more over the winter months as they are spending a bit more time in the stable and long periods of turnout can be tricky in the unpredictable winter weather. The boots are a snug […]