Equine Behaviour


Your Horse & Fireworks – Keeping Safe

It’s that time of the year again, that as horse owners, we dread – fireworks season. We know horses and fireworks don’t mix but we can make things a little easier and a little safer for our horses with some thought and pre-planning. So…
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Training with Becky Moody - Stepping Sideways

International Dressage Rider Becky Moody shares a simple schooling exercise that’s suitable for all levels. Watch the video below I call this exercise ‘Leg Yield – Head on the Boards’. This is a great exercise to teach inexperienced…
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Training with Ben Hobday - Balancing Act

International event rider, Ben Hobday, talks us through a useful training exercise that riders of all levels can use. Watch the video below. Balancing Act When jumping a full course of show jumps, keeping a horse in balance in the correct…
simplyirresistible from Equilibrium Products
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Simple Solutions with simplyirresistible

Simplyirresisitible - more than just a Feed-Topping Suitable for all horses and ponies for a variety of uses, simplyirresistible is a natural blend of tasty vegetables and delicious fruits, rich in antioxidants with added probiotics to support…
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A week with elite Australian dressage rider, Brett Parbery

Equilibrium sponsored rider, Brett Parbery spoke to Adam Fawcett at Oz Dressage and shared his tips on getting to the top.  Part One of this honest and insightful interview can be found by following the link. Adam says, "Most amateur dressage…
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Feeding the Fussy Eater

There is nothing more frustrating than when your horse either turns his nose up or doesn't finish his feed.  Some may be plain fussy, but others seems to go off their feed as the showing season progresses. Tempting stressy horses is a challenge…
Amber Major
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Your Loading Problems Solved

Equine Behaviour Specialist, Emma Tarrant says, Loading problems are something that most of us have had an experience with at some point in our lives as horse owners. We can all relate to that person sat on the bottom of the ramp who has missed…
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Meet Emma Tarrant

Emma is a successful horsemanship trainer. She will be showing us how to deal with some common horse problems in a way that is not only highly effective but without any distress to the horse. Emma has been around horses all her life working…
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Australian Horsemanship

Introducing Jason Webb and Australian Horsemanship What is Australian Horsemanship? Australian Horsemanship is “A modern, common sense approach to traditional Australian methods based on a practical application of horse psychology that aims…
Fiona Lawrence
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Keeping your horse happy

How to tell if your horse is happy Although every horse owner knows when to contact the vet, farrier or dentist, most haven't considered what to do when the problem isn't physical. As part of everyday horse care, it is routine to look after…