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Why Massage Therapy sends horses to sleep

Ever wondered why you put your Equilibrium Therapy Massage Pad on and your horse dozes off? One of the well known benefits of massage is that it can reduce stress. During a massage endorphins are released by the pituitary gland, these are the body’s natural feel good hormones. The release of endorphins suppresses stress hormones, […]


Get Spring Cleaning

After a very long, wet, winter, spring is finally here! The sun is shining, the ground is drying up and the grass is starting to grow. For most horse owners, this is probably the most pleasant time of the year. All the goodness of summer but without the horse files! However, the inevitable will happen […]


Feeding at Variable Heights in the Stable

Sponsored Rider Judy Harvey uses different feeding heights in her stable after attending the Equine Sports Science Seminar with Centaur Biomechanics, where Sharon May-Davies presented about the requirement for domesticated horses to have variable feeding positions. Why should you be feeding at variable heights? While horses are grazers, if you watch them in the field, […]


How One Horse Changed the Lives of Thousands of Horses – Timmy’s Story

Margaret Donnelly, Timmy’s owner and founder of Equilibrium Products talks about what it’s like having a horse diagnosed with head shaking, how she solved the problem and how helping her horse, she actually managed to help so many other horses too. I bought Timmy as an un-backed two year old in Ireland. I just fell […]


Your Horse & Fireworks – Keeping Safe

It’s that time of the year again, that as horse owners, we dread – fireworks season. We know horses and fireworks don’t mix but we can make things a little easier and a little safer for our horses with some thought and pre-planning. So here’s a few tips to consider around this Bonfire Night.   […]