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A simple training aid to improve your riding seat - Symmetry Straps

So, what is 'the correct seat'? International rider, trainer and FEI judge, Judy Harvey explains, "The rider's seat remaining in balance over the centre of gravity is critical in effective horsemanship. To achieve this, the rider's leg…
simplyirresistible from Equilibrium Products
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Simple Solutions with simplyirresistible

Simplyirresisitible - more than just a Feed-Topping Suitable for all horses and ponies for a variety of uses, simplyirresistible is a natural blend of tasty vegetables and delicious fruits, rich in antioxidants with added probiotics to support…
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Tri-Zone Boot Testing Methods

 Tri-Zone Boots - Tested to the Limits Boots are safety equipment As riders, we protect our most vital areas (head and torso) with riding hats, body protectors and more recently air jackets. Rider protective equipment is subjected to extensive…
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A week with elite Australian dressage rider, Brett Parbery

Equilibrium sponsored rider, Brett Parbery spoke to Adam Fawcett at Oz Dressage and shared his tips on getting to the top.  Part One of this honest and insightful interview can be found by following the link. Adam says, "Most amateur dressage…
Equilibrium Field Relief Fly Masks Donkey Fly Mask

COWS can wear FLY MASKS and ten more things you may not know about the Field Relief range.

COWS can wear FLY MASKS and ten more things you may not know about the Field Relief range. As horse owners ourselves, we understand the importance of a long lasting, comfortable and well fitting fly mask. It’s the ‘difference is in the…
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Feeding the Fussy Eater

There is nothing more frustrating than when your horse either turns his nose up or doesn't finish his feed.  Some may be plain fussy, but others seems to go off their feed as the showing season progresses. Tempting stressy horses is a challenge…

Stretch & Flex - Choosing between Flatwork & Training Wraps

  Stretch & Flex Wraps are made of modern materials, designed to ensure horse's legs remain cool and dry while being well-supported during exercise sessions. Both sets of wraps are wonderfully soft, pliable and flexible allowing…

What is Stomatex?

Stretch & Flex Wraps are made from Stomatex® Originally developed for human athletes, Stomatex® was designed to provide four way stretch, to enable use around mobile joints, plus excellent support for active limbs, and an outstanding…
First Aid Kit
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The Ideal Equine First Aid Kit

The Equine First Aid Kit As every horse owner knows, it is essential to keep a well stocked equine first aid kit at the yard, ready for use in the case of an injury. Even the most careful of us can end up having to administer first aid to everyday…
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A Guide to Horse Boots, Wraps and Chaps

Why use horse boots, wraps and chaps?          Choosing horse boots, wraps and chaps. With so many boots available, finding the right boots for your horse can be confusing. As riders and horse owners, we ask our horses to live and…