Horse Care & Equipment


How to fit the perfect bandage

Fit the perfect bandage Horses have to deal with many things, increasingly the unbalancing effects of a rider and the expectation to perform movements, e.g. circles and lateral work. This in turn increases the chance of your horse knocking itself.…

A Guide to Sizing

This size guide has been designed to help you select the right size of product for your horse. The sizes here are for the average type of horse or pony and should suit most breeds, however if there is a non standard type of horse/pony that…

Fitting your Saddle

A guide to fitting your saddle When you want to get the best out of your horse, it's vitally important your saddle fits correctly and comfortably. When fitting your saddle, it is important to have a basic understanding of the muscles, bone-structure…
Amber Major
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Your Loading Problems Solved

Equine Behaviour Specialist, Emma Tarrant says, Loading problems are something that most of us have had an experience with at some point in our lives as horse owners. We can all relate to that person sat on the bottom of the ramp who has missed…
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Meet Emma Tarrant

Emma is a successful horsemanship trainer. She will be showing us how to deal with some common horse problems in a way that is not only highly effective but without any distress to the horse. Emma has been around horses all her life working…
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Australian Horsemanship

Introducing Jason Webb and Australian Horsemanship What is Australian Horsemanship? Australian Horsemanship is “A modern, common sense approach to traditional Australian methods based on a practical application of horse psychology that aims…
Fiona Lawrence
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Keeping your horse happy

How to tell if your horse is happy Although every horse owner knows when to contact the vet, farrier or dentist, most haven't considered what to do when the problem isn't physical. As part of everyday horse care, it is routine to look after…