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Brushing up on the Basics – The Essential Guide to Brushing Boots

Over the past few years, the equine world has exploded with new products, and not in the least when it comes to boots for your horse or pony. But where do you start when there is so much available? Sometimes it is simply best to go back to basics…

The Essential Guide to Choosing the Perfect Fly Mask for Your Horse

Choosing the Best Fly Mask for Your Horse With different styles, colours and varying levels of protection now available, finding the perfect fly mask for your horse is no longer an easy task. For many horse owners the confusion results…

A simple training aid to improve your riding seat - Symmetry Straps

So, what is 'the correct seat'? International rider, trainer and FEI judge, Judy Harvey explains, "The rider's seat remaining in balance over the centre of gravity is critical in effective horsemanship. To achieve this, the rider's leg…
First Aid Kit
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The Ideal Equine First Aid Kit

The Equine First Aid Kit As every horse owner knows, it is essential to keep a well stocked equine first aid kit at the yard, ready for use in the case of an injury. Even the most careful of us can end up having to administer first aid to everyday…
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A Guide to Horse Boots, Wraps and Chaps

Why use horse boots, wraps and chaps?          Choosing horse boots, wraps and chaps. With so many boots available, finding the right boots for your horse can be confusing. As riders and horse owners, we ask our horses to live and…

How to fit the perfect bandage

Fit the perfect bandage Horses have to deal with many things, increasingly the unbalancing effects of a rider and the expectation to perform movements, e.g. circles and lateral work. This in turn increases the chance of your horse knocking itself.…

A Guide to Sizing

This size guide has been designed to help you select the right size of product for your horse. The sizes here are for the average type of horse or pony and should suit most breeds, however if there is a non standard type of horse/pony that…

Fitting your Saddle

A guide to fitting your saddle When you want to get the best out of your horse, it's vitally important your saddle fits correctly and comfortably. When fitting your saddle, it is important to have a basic understanding of the muscles, bone-structure…