Dressage Boots for Horses

Whether you are training at Intro or Grand Prix, your horse may need protection. We’ve listed suitable dressage boots for horses no matter the level. They all feature breathable materials and varying levels of protection, depending on what you need for your horse.

Tri-Zone Boots for horses

Tested to be tough, Tri-Zone Boots go through rigorous laboratory testing to measure their protection levels against both penetration and concussion. They are then tested for their breathability and flexibility. There is a boot for everyone in this range, from leisure riders to top competitors in any discipline. Want to find out more about the testing methods. Read more here.

Stretch & Flex Dressage Wraps for horses

Made with a unique material known as Stomatex, these dressage wraps are extremely flexible with 4 way stretch – allowing your horse to move as freely as possible. The unique ‘bobbles’ on the material are actually small domes which pump air away from the leg as the horse is moving. The Stretch & Flex Wraps are available in two different styles. Not sure which dressage boot is right for your horse? Take a look at our guide here.

Other Dressage Related Products