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“I wanted to share with you a brand that I’ve been using for a while now and absolutely love. I first started using @equilibriumprod about 3 years ago. I had started jumping Spirit a lot more competitively and wanted to make sure he wasn’t getting tight through his back. After a lot of research I came across the Equilibrium massage pad. I was initially shocked at how easy it was to use and how easy it was to fit to Spirit. He took to it straight away and within about 3 minutes he was falling to sleep! I like to use it for about 10 minutes before I work him and for about 15-20 minutes after work. Since using this, I have never had any back issues with him at all! He always feels relaxed and free through his back. I have the older version of the massage pad, and it still works as good as the day I bought it!

I then began using the Equilibrium Tri-Zone Impact Sports boots. I was looking for some light weight, breathable and protective boots that I could use for both show jumping and cross country. They have small breathable holes throughout the boots, meaning that they are perfect for going through water and dry incredibly quickly! The closed fronted style of the boots also mean they offer protection all around the leg making them extremely versatile. I can honestly say I will not buy any other type of boots again!
I am a strong believer in putting back into the body what comes out of it. I’ve recently been using the Simplyboost Electrolyte and Simplyboost Energy supplements. The Simplyboost Electrolyte replenishes the essential salts and minerals the horse loses through sweating. It also helps muscle function and prevents fatigue. I put the Simplyboost Energy in feeds when the horses need a boost of energy. I have noticed a difference in both horses when using this in their feeds. Cal can be a bit lazy, so when competing him I will put some in his morning feed and I can feel a bit more buzz from him. Using these 2 products when needed definitely makes a visible difference.
I am so glad I’ve found this brand. If people are looking for good, sturdy boots, therapy products or supplements I cannot recommend this brand enough! #equilibriumstories”

Someone is rather chuffed with their delivery of @equilibriumprod CalmMunch blocks 👌🏼 I’ve found these have worked wonders with Brian.
He munches on one before a days hunting or when he is going to show where he will be separated from his stable pal, I’ve found that they really make a difference to his excitement levels. When we went away competing I also found that he was a lot less anxious whilst and after having one. It’s safe to say they are going to be in constant supply! I am not sponsored or gifted this product, this is my genuine opinion and experience with the Munch blocks. #EquilibriumStories

Mud fever – treatment/prevention/much better now #EquilibriumStories

(Product: Close Contact Chaps)

Well we have managed to keep going throughout this wet weather and wind it hasn’t been ideal and I don’t feel that I am where I should be. I’m using my @equilibriumprod massage pad before sessions which is really helping as she can get quite tight. #equilibriumstories

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