We’re taking part in BETA Feed Awareness Week

Nutrition is such an important part of horse care, not only for their health, but also for performance.

We’ve put together a few articles to help you increase your nutritional and feeding knowledge. Take a read!

1. Fibre, Fibre, Fibre!

The basis of a horses diet is fibre. Did you know, the large intestine digests fibre and comprises of about two-thirds of the whole digestive tract.

Have you ever heard the saying ‘Little and Often”? Find out why this common phrase is used to describe equine feeding and digestion.

2. Is Sugar the Enemy?

Sugar within a horses diet is normally looked at in a negative light, but it is actually an essential nutrient in the diet.

Commonly linked with conditions such as Laminitis, find out more about why sugar is important, but why it should be regulated in the diet.

3. Electrolyes.. in Winter?

We tend to think when our horse sweats, they are losing electrolytes. And because they tend to be clipped and might sweat less in winter, they don’t need as much, right? Not necessarily!

Electrolytes are so important for body and muscle function, and can be lost in many different ways.

4. A Balanced Diet.

A good quality diet of fibre and hard feed is usually sufficient to meet your horse’s daily nutritional needs.

There are times however, when your horse may face stressful situations which can cause disruption to their dietary needs. Find out more to see if your horse might need some extra help.

5. Feeding Fussy Eaters

There is nothing more frustrating than when your horse either turns his nose up or doesn’t finish his feed.  Some may be plain fussy, but others seems to go off their feed as the competition season progresses.

We’ve taken a look at different reasons horses may go off their feed, and what you can do about it.

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Our Nutrition Quality & NOPS

We only work with suppliers and manufacturers that have quality systems in place and share our interest in providing the best we can source.

As well as this, Equilibrium Products are UFAS and NOPS accredited. The highly successful NOPS scheme, set up in 2009, aims to help reduce the risk of naturally occurring prohibited substances in equine feed.

Users of our Nutrition Range can have peace of mind that everything in our power is being done to ensure that your horse is getting the best it can get. We continually aim to improve our products with the objective of making a difference to the quality of horse’s life.