The competition season is now in full swing and although the sun and
mud-free fields make most riders happy, many horses struggle to adapt and continue working efficiently and it can be challenging to ensure your horse is kept comfortable and performing at their best in the warmer weather.

Where there is heat, there are flies and so many of them. To protect your horse (or donkey!) from becoming irritable and bitten, be sure to turn them out in an Equilibrium Field Relief Mask. They come in a range of styles to ensure your horse receives the optimum protection and comfort. Horses with pink muzzles are more likely to get sunburn so it is advised that they use the Max Fly Mask which has a nose piece which blocks out over 70% of the UV rays.

The Riding Mask, much like the fly mask, protects against the UV rays and flies, which allows horses to focus on the job in hand rather than being distracted by the flies and bright sunlight while being ridden. Lots of owners have also seen a great improvement in head shakers while being ridden in the mask.


If horses are affected and aggravated by small fly bites, sun burn or just general itches, our naturally cooling Skin Soother is perfect to calm and soothe skin irritations.

With the warmer weather, horses will naturally sweat more than in cooler temperatures without the added demand of ridden work. It is, therefore, crucial to feed electrolytes to your horse or pony to replace salts lost while sweating to help them recover quicker and feel less fatigued. The Simplyboost Electrolytes are the ‘go-to’ electrolytes for many horse owners due to the highly palatable liquid formula as well as the natural mint flavouring.

We have also found that many riders have started to use our Simplyboost Electrolytes alongside the Simplyboost Energy supplement to give their horse an extra kick, especially before competitions. Also, horses that have restricted grazing will often lack energy due to a shortage of vitamin B12 which could make them lethargic and unenthusiastic. Simplyboost Energy is a targeted boost of vitamin B12 which gives horses the ‘pick me up’ they need.

Whilst the sun is out in full force, many horses are stabled during the day or are spending more time in shelters. Whether this is the case for your horse, or they simply get bored easily we have the perfect solution in order to keep them settled and entertained. Our munch blocks are one of the firm favourites as they are easy to use and have so many benefits such as being enriched with essential vitamins and minerals but also suitable for those prone to laminitis and obesity!

By helping your horse out this summer and giving them all the extra care, they need, competition horses can stay in the ribbons and leisure horses can continue enjoying work and loving life!





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