Great News for Head Shakers

We’ve added two new bridle designs to our Net Relief range. The Muzzle Net for Micklem® Bridles and Muzzle Net for Grackle Bridles are now available with a choice of 3 colours of nose nets to suit all horses.

A ‘mix and match’ combination is also offered on the original Net Relief Muzzle Net so horse owners can choose their preferred colour and size.

Headshaking can be one of the most distressing conditions a horse owner might have to deal with and ‘Net Relief’ is one of the most effective products in controlling the symptoms of head shaking.

Research by De Montfort University found that nose nets offered relief for 79% of horses and that they are the most effective treatment found for sufferers.

The Net Relief Muzzle Net is a contoured mesh that fits closely over the upper muzzle, allowing no restriction on the bit or the horse’s breathing and attaches easily to the horse’s noseband.

Totally unobtrusive and permitted by British Dressage and British Eventing for use in competition (see rule applying to the use of nose nets for each organisation)

Find out more about Headshaking in our Wellbeing Centre – a comprehensive online resource offering advice on the causes of Headshaking and the treatments available.

“Would like to say thank you for having such an amazing product as your Muzzle Net. My boy was practically un-rideable during the summer months. I’ve used other nets and saw no difference, but then purchased your nets and it’s amazing the difference – NO headshaking, NO snorting and NO more being uncomfortable at all – it is amazing the difference! Thank you so much!”

“My horse developed headshaking this year. It was a very severe head shake which results in bolting, throwing himself into the hedge and shaking up and down and side to side. He was virtually unrideable until i was advised by a friend to try your net for muzzles. He was not cured but it enabled him to put up with it enough to still be ridden and also compete. We have won alot of different disciplines this year including showjumping at agricultural level, unnafiliated dressage and qualifying for the nps working hunter novice finals. Without your prodict none of this would have been possible. We have just been to our south western welsh pony and cob performnce awards where he won the ridden section c trophy and came 3rd overall!!! He was 2nd working hunter, 3rd dressage, 6th showjumping and 6th showing! Judges have been very good and not marked down for the net but just asked. I think his shaking has something to do with tree pollen as for a few late summer months he was fine. Thank you ever so much for such a fab product and i am glad even BD accept it now.”

“During the Summer months, my horse suffers from a Pollen allergy which causes him to headshake and generally get very irritated and itchy around his nose area – that is until I tried Equilibrium Nose nets. They are fantastic and his head shaking has stopped completely and he is a lot more relaxed and happy. For the last three summers he has worn a no sent from April – October to help to relieve the hay fever like symptoms which he seems to suffer from. I now wouldn’t be without one during the summer – they are fantastic, especially as you can cut them down to get the perfect size to fit the individual horse.”