2021 is just around the corner so now is the time to come up with new intentions, set new goals and look towards the year ahead… Written by Frances Dixon

In the Saddle

For most riders, the biggest goal of all is to be the best rider they possibly can.

Ever had those rides where your legs just feel like jelly and like you’ve forgotten how to ride?! The simple but effective Symmetry Straps can assist in this department. The fully adjustable hook and loop fastening makes them super easy to attach to your girth. They aid in keeping the lower leg secure, in optimum position and help you get the feel for the correct position. When it comes to competition, muscle memory takes over and your body remembers where it’s supposed to be! The Symmetry Straps are on offer until the end of January for just £5.95!

Get Out and About

The event calendar for 2020 was pretty slim, but it did provide the ideal opportunity to put in extra practice. If your goal is to get out to a competition or smash your marks, Equilibrium Products has you covered for every discipline…

The innovative Tri-Zone range of boots provide maximum protection whilst remaining completely breathable. For showjumpers, the Open Fronted Tendon Boots (£59.95) and Fetlock Boots (£39.95) are ideal. Or if your resolution is to leave the arena and go out Cross Country look no further than the Impact Sports Boots (£69.95-£79.95, front and hind). Tested against both impact and penetration, their protective capabilities are second to none.

If Dressage is your thing and you’re working hard at home to improve your scores; the Stretch & Flex Training Wraps (£59.95) are a technical addition to any Dressage Diva wardrobe. Also fully breathable, their super soft material is suitable for even the most sensitive of steeds – it’s in the name!

Building the Bond

Resolutions don’t need to be hard to stick to! Maybe yours is simply to spend more time with your horse? For most of us, we’ve had the opportunity to enjoy more time with our four-legged companions than ever and time outside in the fresh air has been beneficial to all. The Massage Mitt is the perfect way to relax and enjoy quality time with your equine partner. Battery operated with three different intensity settings, the Mitt helps promote relaxation and can be used to target specific areas of muscle stiffness. Now at a lower price of £99.

Wish your horse would set Resolutions?!

Does your horse always come out of the stable with brown splodges on their legs that definitely weren’t there yesterday? Or maybe they do their best impression of a hippo out in the field? If only they could make their own resolutions… “I will not get as dirty!” – we wish!  Equilibrium’s range of chaps are here to help; the Hardy Chaps (£42.50) and Close Contact Turn Out Chaps (£52.50) keep the winter mud at bay out in the field whilst the Stable Chaps (£32.50) are just as helpful indoors.

Combine cleanliness with VitaFlex Magnetic Therapy with the Hind & Hock Magnetic Chaps (£89.95). Helping prevent stable stains whilst also being ideal for horses with arthritis or prone to filled legs. All of the chaps are washable for easy cleaning.

Whatever goals or resolutions you are setting yourself to kick off the New Year, enjoy your journey safe in the knowledge that Equilibrium Products has got your horses health and well-being covered. Here’s to 2021!

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