It’s not very often we get a heatwave – so it’s quite likely that our horses will struggle to cope with it, as we might be too!

Here’s some tips on keeping your horses cool and healthy throughout the warmer days:

In or Out?

Depending on your stable – it might be warmer and stuffier indoors than it is in your horses’ field with some natural shade and a small breeze. Of course, this entirely depends on your set up, but you might want to weigh up the pros and cons of both. If your horse is out, you might want to consider a fly mask with UV protection, such as the Field Relief Max, or if they have a pink nose a Field Relief Muzzle Protector will help protect against sunburn.


Your horse will be sweating more, and don’t forget, electrolytes can be lost through sweat evaporation that we can’t necessarily see. If your horse isn’t normally on electrolytes, now might be a good time to start. SimplyBoost Electrolytes contain a 10-day supply for horses, or a 20-day supply for ponies, and can go straight into their feed. With natural mint flavouring, they normally tempt even the fussiest of horses. Read more on why electrolytes are important here.


While we don’t want to miss out on riding time, you might need to be conscious of when it starts getting too hot to ride. Generally early in the morning will work best, so rise and shine early to beat that heat! As always, breathable boots such as the Tri-Zone All Sports Boots are a top choice, particularly in the summer months. We all know the risks of overheating legs, so getting a decent set of lightweight and breathable boots should pay off in the long run. If you do find yourself riding when it’s warm – wet your horse before you start as the evaporation of the water will help keep the horse cooler for longer.

Cooling off.

Continually hose your horse off or keep reapplying cold water to reduce their temperature. It’s advisable to keep re-applying water, rather than stopping to scrape the water off. Our Hot & Cold Therapy Pouches can be used to help cool legs after exercise, or as a general cooling aid to the body.

Keeping occupied in the stable.

If you do bring your horse in out of the sun, our Munch Blocks are a perfect healthy boredom breaker, which are high in fibre and low in sugar so that they are suitable for all horses and ponies. It can be an easy way to slow down their eating if they are on a restricted diet when fed with our Munch Net, or if you’re wanting to increase your horses water intake, you can soak your munch block too!

Keeping cool in the field.

There is some evidence to suggest that turning out with a wet cotton or polyester fly sheet could keep your horse cooler – find out more here. Our Field Relief Fly Rug is designed with a lightweight mesh, but is also light coloured to not only help keep horses cool, but to repel the flies too!

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