Being horse lovers ourselves with a core aim to make a difference to horses’ lives, we are strong supporters of Redwings Horse Sanctuary who certainly do make a real difference! They are the largest horse sanctuary in the UK, who have been rescuing horses in need for over 30 years and care for 1,500 residents.

Recently we adopted Rumpel and his friend Dolly from Redwings and with the help of our lovely customers, we chose Rumpel to become Equilibrium Products new mascot!

Rumpel is a Cob X gelding who began his life on a big farm in Amersham, Buckinghamshire and sadly, despite the fact that there were over one hundred horses and donkeys on the farm, it was far from a happy place to live. Unfortunately, they all lived in very poor conditions, most horses were so weak they were barely able to stand and some even died.

Then when Rumpel was just six months old, the RSPCA and Redwings arrived to save the ponies and horses from such dreadful living conditions and took them away so they could lead healthy and happy lives!

Rumpel is very laid back yet playful, he loves having cuddles and is also a massive poser! Just look at his pout!

There are so many other horses, ponies and donkeys who have been rescued by Redwings, each with their own stories and massive personalities. To find out more, adopt or donate to Redwings, please click on the link below:

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