About Lorna

Buckinghamshire based Lorna is an active endurance rider. She has competed in the UK at both National and International(FEI** and FEI***) level. Last year she competed abroad as an individual and was selected to represent Great Britain.

Lorna competes two horses – French Lieutenant (Frenchie) and Pavots Dreamboy (Pav) for an Arab racehorse and endurance trainer based in Dorset. In addition to these and many other rides that she is offered, Lorna has her own up and coming youngster – Hamra Johar, who will complete her first season this year. Her aim is to bring her up through the ranks with the aim of competing her at advanced level by 2010.

Lorna competes at more than 30 rides during the year ranging from 17km pleasure rides to 160km FEI***races.

What Lorna Has To Say about Equilibrium Products

“Before using the Magnetic Chaps I could not get Ruby’s puffy hind legs to improve. Ridden, rested, turned out, kept in, bandaged, hosed, none of it made any difference! However, just three days of wearing the Magnetic Chaps (whilst she is stabled during the day) has made a significant improvement and she has much less soft swelling. She will now continue to wear them as a preventative measure.”

“Jack is a sensitive boy so continues to wear the Magnetic Therapy Back Pad at night and is warmed up with the Massage Pad before he is worked – he certainly lets you know if you haven’t done it or have cut his relaxation session short!”

“Ruby completed the ride wearing Stretch and Flex Flatwork wraps which stood up very well to the muddy conditions and didn’t slip despite finishing in a pretty muddy and wet state (they are now good as new after a spin through the washing machine)!”