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1 year product guarantee

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Free delivery on most orders over £40

Rated 4.9/5 stars on Feefo

Rated 4.9/5 stars on Feefo

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Researched & tested products

Innovating for over 20 years!

Innovating for over 20 years!

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Supporting Redwings Horse Sanctuary & Brooke

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Feefo Gold Trusted Service Award Winner

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Simplyirresistible Survey Results - our healthy, handy, versatile horse treat

Simplyirresisitble – Is it a horse treat? Is it a feed-topping? Is it a succulent? Is it a probiotic?

From a survey of 213 horse owners feeding simplyirresistible

  • over 50% of you use it as a healthy treat

  • 24% use it to add variety to your horse’s diet

  • and 17% of horse owners use it to disguise medicines & supplements

  • 61% of horse owners were influenced to buy simplyirresistible because of the natural ingredients included

  • and 55% buy it regularly from your local feed & tack shop

We asked – “how would you describe simplyirresistible”?   Here’s a selection of the fantastic feedback we received…

Equilibrium Simply Irresistible“It looks tasty and obviously is  by the way they gobble it down”

“Healthy treat that’s irresistible whilst catching and doing difficult things that require added help”

“My horse love as, and I’m happy feeding a treat that’s healthy”

“The ponies seem to love it, and it is nice to be able to give them something which you know it’s packed with molasses and unnecessary sugars, and other bulking feedstuffs; you only get the good stuff!”

“Helps me clip my tickly boy”


“It provides a treat valued by my horses, an alternative to carrots.  I like to give them something to look forward to and as a reward for being stuck in the box all day in this miserable weather”

“So easy to feed, looks and smells great, but most importantly the horses love it and it’s a great way of ensuring that they have everything they need especially now that winter is coming.”

“My horse loved it.  Ensured he had all his medicine”Simply Scoop

“Tasty healthy treat that my horses can’t  get enough of …”

“Ours are exracers and quite picky about “treats” due to not understanding them, these went down really well though”

“He eats it with his bute which is great, other horse loves as a treat!”

“My horse loves it & now worming is not a problem!”

“I think it’s a fantastic product as it doesn’t add weight. Every horse loves it and it’s so easy to use.”

“I’ve struggled to feed my little laminitis prone boy with bute and because it must taste simply irresistible he now takes his meds, it’s easy to feed no mess and it’s healthy”

“Smells good enough for me to eat”

“Tasty and healthy, non heating and perfect for using on feed or as a treat when doing groundwork.”

“A luscious and healthy supplementary food which smells great and the horses both love it”

“The horses love it, I bought it to disguise wormer in their food and they loved it so much I now feed everyday”

“Really impressed with the ingredients my horses love it”

“My very fussy thoroughbred who is now only a companion is difficult to feed as he is not in work I don’t want to give him hard feed, so he is fed forage and a bucket feed of alfalfa based chop and a general vitamin supplement, however trying to get him to eat in Winter is a stressful nightmare. Initially I tried the fruit version (as I was given a sample at Blenheim) however fussy as he is he didn’t seem to like it. BUT what a different story with the veggies version, he loves it, I sprinkle on top of his feed and he eats every single scrap.”

“Adds variety to my pony’s diet as she doesn’t get much feed”

“A tasty healthy alternative to sugary treats”

“My horse loves it!”

“A brilliant idea that all my horses love!! Gives a variety of flavours and textures in their feeds especially for the ones that only have a small amount due to lame/weight issues and it’s good for them as well!!!”

“Lovely variety to add to our feed, even our fussy eater loved it!”

“I would describe Simplyirresistible as chocolate for horses, as all my horses absolutely love it, even if there may be nasty tasting drugs hidden in the feed.”

“My horse thinks it’s yummy!!  I use it to worm and sedate him for clipping as its hard to get a syringe in his mouth”

“A very useful addition to the horse keepers store cupboard when feeding a fussy horse or when meds are mixed in with feeds.”

“Great product with health benefits and horses like it!”

“My horse loves it and it adds extra flavour to their food!”

“Good quality and sensibly priced.”

“It has been a totally reliable solution to so many problems that can arise with my two horses! Including shoeing issues, disguising wormers and medicines.   It smells wonderful and provides them with a healthy treat that they adore! And being able to use it as a topping in feeds means they enjoy it in every mouthful.”




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