Owner:  Elizabeth Hough

Horses Name: Dushi (stable name) Jazzability (competition name)

Horses Age: 9 years

Discipline: Dressage

About 10 weeks ago my mare was nearly unrideable. Not just with me on her but also my trainer on board too. She was nappy and was refusing to go forward or do any lateral work. When asked to do shoulder-in she ‘Pogoed up and down’ and got so cross. She was mentally in a bad place and didn’t want to work. Her first season this year she was constantly weeing and I couldn’t lead her across the yard without her stopping to wee and flirt with the geldings

Fast forward … She is now on Simplymare. She loves the taste of it and gobbles it up in her feed.  The pellets are really easy to feed and she seems to like the texture.

I started to notice a difference in her after about a week and her behaviour is much calmer now.

When in season her weeing is far less than before and there is not much change in her personality.

She is now visibly happy in her work, enjoying it and wanting to please. She is happily doing shoulder-in to travers and back to shoulder-in with ease. She is far more relaxed and happy.

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