Aria, a 10 year old mare owned by Paula Frazer describes her mare as defensive and lacking in trust towards people. Paula hoped that the Simplymare would calm Aria and make her more approachable.

We asked Paula some questions about her trial using Simplymare and this was her review:

Did you have any problems feeding it?

Initially yes – the first feed did not go well, she noticed it even though it was mixed in with her feed and picked round it, pulling faces when she found some and spitting it out. Tried a few granules by hand and she would sniff/blow on them but not eat. However, by day 3 she was happily accepting it and eating it in her feed.

Did you feed it in a feed or as a treat, for example out of your hand?

I kept it as being added to the feed to minimise wastage and ensure she got the correct daily amount.

What are the differences you have noticed?

The biggest difference appeared after 3-4 days where her behaviour began to tone down. She began to be less aggressive, and hormonal. By day 8 she was much more focused when doing ground work and schooling, and even friendlier and approachable in the field. It sounds minimal but I was able to approach without a head collar and pick out her feet and fly spray etc with no issues – where before I would have needed a head collar and she would have been very resistant.

Her behaviour change was also noted by my farrier who said she was easier to handle, and my partner who normally got chased out of the field by her, was able to have her approach him, and give her a pat and a scratch with no negative behaviour. I have been so impressed by her behaviour including her work attitude that I have now also been able to finally get aboard after 9 years of waiting (on 4th Aug)!

She has been calm enough for me to try it and despite never having a rider before she took to it beautifully. Before being on the supplement I was very hesitant at even contemplating getting aboard as she was very nervy and stressy!

Her coat has had a lovely gleam to it too, even on dull days or days when she hasn’t yet been groomed it has looked nice, shiny and smooth. Her hoof condition has also improved, at the end of June/July time her feet were quite brittle and weak, but now are a lot stronger with a lot less cracks.

When did you notice a difference from feeding the product?

 It was only a matter of days before the behavioural changes started, a week to 2 weeks in coat condition and about 3-4 weeks for hoof condition.

What did you like/dislike about the product?

I like the compact size of the packaging making it easy to store, and that there is a measure scoop included. I am absolutely thrilled with the change it has made in my horse! The size/weight of the product is great too as it lasts for ages – she only needed a scoop a day!

What were your views on it being in a pellet format?

Pellet form was fine for the way I fed it, as when added to my soaked feed it broke down well so was easy to mix in. When I did try to feed it by hand it was more difficult as you have more chance of dropping it and so not giving the correct amount to the horse.

What is your overall feedback on the product?

I was over the moon with it! It has made such a positive change to my horse, and has improved our relationship no end. She has calmed down so much and seems a lot more comfortable with other people so does not get so stressed in situations like having her hooves trimmed. Having put up with her ‘attitude’ for many years it is so nice to be able to now connect and interact with her without a constant battle. She has now lost her ‘evil horse’ title!

 I even had a new dentist out during this trial who used electric equipment (Arias never had that used on her before) and out of all 3 of my horses (one being an experienced calm mare too!) – Aria was noted as a pleasure to do and the best behaved of the three of them! Shocking yet pleasing to me and the other livery that was present!

Overall feedback… We will definitely be purchasing this going forward and have recommended to a number of my horsey friends by word of mouth and social media. A lot of them that know Aria are so surprised by her change and can definitely see the benefits! Thank you Equilibrium Products for letting us be part of the trial, I am so grateful to have finally found something to help my mare. Now we can focus on the future and getting her ridden career off to a flying start!