Name: Claire Bamber
Horses name: Bella
Age: 16
Discipline: Showing/happy hacker/boss of the team



Bella is now touching into her veteran years, so I wanted to begin to think about making sure her overall wellbeing is suited for what she needs.  Prevention is always better than cure as they say, so I wanted something that would give her all the nutrients and minerals that she needed, but ideally not with lots of different products.

Claire says:

With Simplysunshine being in a handy sized bag and in pellet form it takes little space in the feed room and they only require a small scoop, which is provided in the bag to keep meals small. This is great when you have more than one to feed and lots of different feeds already to have to cater for. I gave it her in her morning feed as apposed to treat form, so I knew she had eaten it and also it was easier than having two other horses looking disappointed as to why they didn’t get some. Bella isn’t a typically fussy horse to please at meal times, but can turn her nose up. With Simplysunshine she didn’t even know it was mixed in but I had peace of mind knowing shes getting all she needs, especially with the winter months when grazing is non existent. With show season ahead, I always like to make sure my horses glow from the inside out, especially where coat comes into it. We started using this product 1st January (new year, new start) and Bella attended her first show of the season for the senior showing and dressage on the 25th Febuary. She qualified for the first round to Olympia winning her age section, champion of the whole class and was overall inhand champion of the day. We had comments off the judge, and spectators admiring how beautiful she looked. I do believe Simplysunshine has made a difference. It’s not an overnight miracle worker and I would say it was good month before I saw a real difference, but I would highly recommend this product especially when horses do have limited time out from their stables. It’s so easy and convenient to use, its brightens up my feed room on these winter months.

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    • Equilibrium Products
      Equilibrium Products says:

      Hi Caroline

      Simplysunshine should be fine to feed to a horse with Gastric Ulcers. It also contains various ingredients to aid with digestion (Live yeast, Manganese, Pantothenic Acid, Vitamins B1, B2, B3). The sugar/starch level is also extremely low (less than 20g) per feeding amount.


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