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The Horse’s Hock – Treatments and symptoms of hock joint lameness

The Horse’s Hock Joint The experts at Equilibrium Products share their knowledge on the hock joint and common issues that affect this joint. We use this to design our Equilibrium Therapy Hind & Hock Magnetic Chaps. Horse’s Hock anatomy The horse’s hock joint is one of the hardest working of all the joints, and plays […]


5 reasons to feed vitamunch in winter

We know that winter can present extra challenges to feeding regimes but this handy little hay block is a really handy way to help keep your horse happy and healthy this winter. Unlike other fibre blocks, vitamunch is based on quality Timothy grass, packed with selected vitamins, minerals and herbs & then sealed for freshness in handy 1kg packs. 1. Relieve […]


MSM and feeding the competition horse

Posted 20th September 2017 Proposed additions to the FEI Prohibited substances list in 2018 The FEI will shortly publish its list of prohibited substances for 2018.  In June, when the provisional list was published, concerns were raised regarding the naming of MSM as a banned substance. The proposed amendment for 2018 proposed a reclassification of […]


Overreach injuries & how to avoid them

What is an overreach injury? An overreach injury occurs when a horse steps on the back of a fore limb heel with the toe of a hind limb. In extreme cases an overreach injury can be potentially life threatening for a horse. This is because there are several extremely important structures on the back of the leg. […]


Simple stretches to help keep your horse supple

Stretching your horse is an easy way to keep your horse supple and helps to maintain good muscle health. Stretches should only be carried out once the muscles have been warmed up. After exercise is the best time to stretch your horse, alternatively using the Equilibrium Therapy Massage Pad and the Massage Mitt on key […]


An introduction to Sarcoids

What are sarcoids? Sarcoids are benign skin tumours that can be found in horses, donkeys and mules, they are generally not life threatening but do destruct the skin cells that are surrounding them. They appear in different forms on a horse and are most commonly found on the abdomen, inside the backs of legs, the […]