Let’s face it – Christmas is a festive time where we spend a lot of the day eating! Why shouldn’t our horses enjoy a tasty treat too?

Made with the finest ingredients and low sugar content, here are a few treat ideas that every horse and pony can enjoy.

Enjoy the countdown to Christmas with a tasty healthy treat per day!

Filled with 24 tasty low sugar treats for all horses, ponies, and donkeys to enjoy, Crunchits are molasses-free and made with 6 different natural flavours; including strawberry, beetroot, parsnip, carrot, banana, pea, and spinach.

A super stocking filler for your equine friend to enjoy on Christmas Day or any day!

Filled with delicious Crunchits treats for your horse or pony to enjoy! Low in sugar and molasses free, suitable for all horses and ponies, plus 6 different flavours!

Crunchits Ball Bundle

A tasty treat and gift to keep your horse or pony entertained.

If your horse or pony is spending a bit more time in the stable over Christmas, why not treat them to a stable toy and tasty treat to keep them occupied and moving around!

Horse Nutrition Vitamunch Heavenly Hedgerow and Marvelous Meadow Munch Varieties with Net

The healthy snack that’s good to treat.

Natural, high in fibre and best of all, super tasty – your horse or pony will be able to smell this tasty hay block from a mile away! Best served in the handy Munch Net, especially for the greedy ones!

Simply Irresistible Horse Nutrition

The Healthy Pick ‘n Mix for Horses and Ponies

The clue is in the name. Why not treat your horse or pony to this super tasty treat that they literally wont be able to resist. Perfect to add to their feed to make it even more tasty, sprinkle in their stable to keep them foraging and occupied, or just a treat from the hand to celebrate the special day!

Who said healthy isn’t tasty?

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