WannaBe in the Ribbons – Net Relief Riding Mask Review

Laura Szuca, blogger behind WannaBe in the Ribbons, writes

“I promised I would review the Net Relief Riding Mask and here it is. 

Equilibrium states the product is “a unique fly mask specifically designed for ridden work, protecting the horse’s face, eyes and ears from flies and strong sunlight”.

The flies have been relentless the last few weeks and having recently come back from a few days holiday where we were plagued with flies, I was keen to see if this product made a difference. In simple terms the answer is YES and I really wish I would of taken one with me on the riding holiday where we were attacked by flies for 3 whole days.

When the flies are bad, I don’t know what your horse does, but Mikey who is normally pretty relaxed about most things in life, stops, and I means stops dead. He then drops his head to his knees to rub away the flies from his eyes and face! Queue me nearly falling over his head! Doh. Not the most relaxing way to hack on a glorious summer’s evening.

The mask is very easy to attach to your bridle, there is a simple velcro fastening and tie loop each side of the bridle, so it made it easy to put on and it stayed put throughout the ride, and it really does help with the flies, now of course let’s be clear, it doesn’t get rid of the flies, but it meant for me at least there was no sudden disappearing in front of me to rub away the flies from his eyes and face as they weren’t able to land on him so we could hack out and enjoy ourselves – exactly how it should be.

If I was super picky I would like the mask to cover a bit more of his face (i.e. the cheek area) as that can still cause some issue for Mikey if a fly lands there but overall the Equilibrium Net Relief Riding Mask gets a big thumbs up from us and I can safely say it made hacking on those warm evenings when the flies are out far more enjoyable!

If your horse is sensitive over their bodies then a ride on fly rug might also be an idea, I personally have never used one and Mikey is a really warm horse so I am not sure I would want to put something on him in this heat as it seems the flies annoy him landing on his face more than his body (as he tends to just bat them away with his tail if they land on his side etc), but Equilibrium, if you read this, a ride on fly rug that is light and airy for warm horses would be the perfect addition to your range! 

One final thing, I would like to point out to you all, I wasn’t paid for this review – this is my honest review and opinion. 

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