Emma is a successful horsemanship trainer. She will be showing us how to deal with some common horse problems in a way that is not only highly effective but without any distress to the horse.

Emma has been around horses all her life working with race horses and in show jumping. Working in a traditional way with horses Emma began to question how she could get horses to work with her because they wanted to rather than being forced to.

This led her to be trained by Vanessa Bee for three years, an experience that led Emma to a deeper understanding of how horses think and why they act the way they do. Emma said that she ‘had learnt more about horses in 3 years than she had in 25 years of working with them’!

Emma wants to share this knowledge with other horse owners so that they too can improve the training and relationship they have with their horses.

Emma provides one to one sessions with owners and their horses and can be contacted on 07719 137403 or e-mail [email protected].

You can also visit Emma’s website  https://www.positivehorsemanshiptrainer.co.uk/



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