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Lesley Jones, Bach Flower registered Animal Practitioner shares her knowledge of Bach Flower Remedies. Lesley says, “Bach Flower Remedies are simple and safe. They provide a complementary and natural answer to help alleviate stress, fear and tension and are becoming a popular treatment for horses and ponies.”

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Dr Edward Bach practised in Harley Street in the early part of the 20th century. He developed pioneering vaccines to treat several chronic diseases.

Unusually at that time he took an interest in the patient as an individual and realised that those whose outlook on life was similar needed the same treatment regardless of the physical problem. The personality of the person determined the diagnosis and prescription. This led him to believe that we need to heal at the most fundamental level. Today we hear the words ‘treat the underlying cause not the symptoms’ and ‘a positive attitude helps when you are ill’. His quest to find a natural method of treatment resulted in the 38 remedies which were completed in 1935. Latterly the rest of the animal kingdom has successfully been given the remedies in many countries around the globe.

Each remedy addresses a different state of mind, for example Star of Bethlehem helps to alleviate trauma and bereavement, Larch helps to restore or give confidence and Aspen helps to conquer fear of the unknown. As each animal’s case is different the remedies can be mixed to ensure that the treatment offered is what is needed for the individual. Once the bespoke treatment bottle is made up it just requires four drops of the solution to be given, on a treat such as a carrot, four times a day. A treatment bottle will last about three weeks.

To describe how the remedies work is difficult. Each emotion has an energy wave pattern that is mimicked by the correct remedy. When under duress the wave pattern changes and the remedy reinstates harmony. Today the scientists studying psychoneuroimmunology, which is the way the nervous system and immune system interact, acknowledge that positive emotions together with freedom from stress really does have an effect on physical health.


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