Equilibrium Products are UFAS and NOPS accredited. The highly successful NOPS scheme, set up in 2009 to help reduce the risk of naturally occurring prohibited substances in equine feed.  Full details can be found from  British Equestrian Trade Association

Quality in development:

When we develop products, we select ingredients that our horses love – not the ingredients that will make us the most profits or the cheapest ingredients we can find nor the ones that every other company uses.

We develop products for our own horses and because we love horses, we want to share it with you.

When we have a new product in development, we initially test this in house: we have between 15-20 horses between us, so there is no shortage of volunteers.

Once we have full approval of our equine counterparts, we then test products on a larger scale to ensure that we are aware of how the product performs in a wide range of horses and uses. We work alongside a few charities which have many horses and wide ranges of them for this purpose.

Only when we are satisfied with this stage do we then go on to further the development of the products.

Quality of the end product:

We take our products quality very seriously.

In order to ensure your horse gets the best we can give them, we take every care to source ingredients that are traceable from their origination through to the item you feed your horse.

We only work with suppliers and manufacturers that have quality systems in place and share our interest in providing the best we can source.

Where possible, we use human grade ingredients, we wouldn’t expect any lesser quality for our horses. Unfortunately, we have not yet found a hay supplier of human grade – but we think that the day humans start eating hay, they will want to eat the hay we use!

We target potential hazards in the development, supply and production chains and ensure controls are in place to prevent these from materialising – we implement a Full Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP).

We sample and test ingredients for undesirable substances on a regular basis with accredited independent laboratories, we use ingredients that are safe for competition use, and we ensure our suppliers are fully aware of the prohibited substances specific to horse sports.

We ensure that our supplier’ standards are kept up regularly and we do the same internally.

We constantly review our customer complaints, specifically looking for trends and act to rectify any issues.

Although there is never any guarantee, our users can have peace of mind that everything in our power is being done to ensure that your horse is getting the best it can get.

As we work with natural products/ingredients, it can be a challenge to ensure consistency in appearance, and if any of our products are unsatisfactory we are always happy to discuss any situation that may arise – we continually aim to improve our products with the objective of making a difference to the quality of horse’s life.