This versatile horse treat is healthy & handy for use every day

SuSophie_Beaty_Equlibrium_April_2015-18-Edit smallitable for all horses and ponies for a whole variety of uses, simplyirresistible horse treat is a natural blend of tasty vegetables and delicious fruits, rich in antioxidants with added probiotics to support a healthy gut.

We have listed just some of the many ways to treat and use simplyirresistible and detailed the benefits of this unique product – an essential addition to every feed room.

 10 simple solutions to help you and your horse everyday

1. Stress Free Wormingworming

Finding it hard to get your horse to take its wormer?  simplyirresistible is brilliant for getting your horse or pony to take a wormer.  Whether to remove the unpleasant after taste or to mix with the wormer and feed from a scoop – simplyirresistible means worming your horse becomes easy and a treat your horse will love!  Watch our video evidence!

Worming & Friendly Tummy Bacteria – Worms and the action of the wormers we use to get rid of them can both upset the delicate balance of the microflora living in your horse’s gut.  Not only is simplyirresistible brilliant for making wormers more palatable, the live yeast probiotic in simplyirresistible helps support good gut health during this time.


2. Suitable for laminitics 

Simply Irresistible Shetland

Laminitis is a complex systemic condition that manifests itself in the foot with the acute lameness. Dietary management rightly centres on weight control, maximising fibre and limiting starch and sugar intakes but can mean a very restricted and basic diet for animals prone to the condition. A small sprinkle or handful of simply irresistible will only add a few grammes of sugar and trace amounts of starch, whilst brightening up a small and boring feed offering. 50g of simply irresistible Fabulous Fruits and Virtuous Vegetable Variety provide about 14g and 11g of starch and sugar respectively. By comparison 500g of a low starch and sugar pellet or chaff would supply about 100gof starch and sugar. Additionally the probiotic in simply irresistible helps support healthy large intestine function, which is key in the management of such animals.

3. Simplyirresistible and Healthy Digestion

The digestive tract of the horse contains a huge microbial population that works to digest principally to digest the fibrous materials in the digestive tract.  Things that upset the delicate balance of this microflora affect the functioning of the digestive tract and ultimately the health of the horse.  In fact one of the predisposing factors for colic is dietary change.

Stress or anxiety in a horse, changes in weather or turnout and the use of antibiotics or wormers can also affect the microflora population of the gut.

The probiotics IMAGE_2820in simplyirresistible provide support to horses that

have recently been wormed, or that have received a course of antibiotics, or whose diets are changing, for instance being turned out onto fresh spring grass, or receiving increased level of hard feed for work.   They do this by helping to maintain a stable microbiology in the gut.


4. Calling All Box Rest Horses & Ponies!

Are you very bored inside all day?   Adding  a scoop of simplyirresistible to a treat ball makes life a lot more interesting than boring old nuts. With delicious fruit and fibre particles, naturally high in antioxidants, and a live yeast probiotic, simplyirresistible provides lots of foraging times crunching all those delicious healthy particles whilst helping keep a healthy tummy.

Simply irresistible for loading5. Help with Loading

Fed up and frustrated when your horse plants his feet at the bottom of the ramp and won’t move?  simplyirresistible can offer a good distraction – made from dried fruit and vegetables combined with a healthy live yeast probiotic pellet – not only will it tempt them up the ramp but will help maintain a  healthy tummy during travelling the disrupted routine of the day out.

6. Catching In

When the grass is so good and tasty, sometimes your horse just doesn’t want to come in. But now catching has now just got easier.

A handy scoop of simplyirresistible will bring them to you willingly – the dried fruit or vegetable will tempt them towards you. In addition, the live yeast probiotic in simplyirresisitible will help maintain a healthy gut challenged by large intakes of fresh spring grass.


Sophie Beaty Equilibrium April 2015 - 001 edit

7. Good News for Picky Eaters

It may be that life is just too exciting for your horse to eat – they’re wondering when the next outing is coming up, or what the other horses in the yard are up to; on the other hand the daily ration may be just too boring – during spring time, the same old meagre and dreary offering in the stable because grass is just too rich.   Either way, simplyirresistible will encourage your horse to eat:  a combination of delicious fruit (or vegetable) with a live yeast fibre pellet, simplyirresistible when mixed through the feed adds both delicious taste and supports health through its rich blend of antioxidants and yeast-probiotic.

8. A Delicious Way to Disguise the Taste of Medicines & Supplements IMAGE_2777

It’s a fact of life that we need to tailor our horses diets with supplements to fit their individual personalities and traits –and it’s also a fact of life that from time to time they need some form of medication in their feed. But it’s not always the case that these additions are tasty and their use can horses to go off their feed.  In the case of antibiotics they can even upset the delicate balance of the microflora in the horse’s digestive system.

 Whether it’s a supplement or medicine that’s causing you horse to reject his feed, or if you are worried about the effects on antibiotics on their digestive system, adding Simply Irresistible to the diet will help tempt him.  Simply Irresistible is a delicious combination of human grade dried fruits (or vegetable) with a live yeast fibre pellet.  The exquisite taste and variety of the fruit and vegetable components will encourage the horse to eat, whilst the probiotic will help maintain a healthy digestive tract.  Simply put, Simply Irresistible simultaneously adds delicious taste and supports health in horses turning their noses up at feed, or receiving medicines

 9. Simply irresistible after Antibiotics 

Antibiotics do wonders for infections but can play havoc with the delicate microbial balance in the horse’s digestive tract, and your horse may go off his feed at this time. Adding simply irresistible to the diet will help tempt them to eat: simply irresistible is a delicious combination of human grade dried fruits (or vegetable) with a live yeast fibre pellet.  The exquisite taste and variety of the fruit and vegetable components will ensure they eat, whilst the probiotic will help maintain a healthy microbial population in digestive tract, so important for fibre digestion and gut health.

 simply irresistible scoop

 10. Simply irresistible for good-doers on restricted diets 

Springtime is when grass is at its richest and growing at its fastest.  For ponies and horses that put on weight easily, or for which rich grass is too risky for their health, then it’s a life inside on a  restricted diet.   We know that the Balancer and double handful of chaff is the right thing to do, but it’s not much and, let’s face it, it’s the same old thing every day.

A small sprinkle or handful of simply irresistible on the feed will add variety and taste to the diet of the weight watcher. Simply irresistible as a healthy feed topping comes in two varieties, fruit or vegetable, and is a delicious mix of these human-grade ingredients, together with a pellet that contains a probiotic.  Probiotics help support healthy large intestine function, which is key in the management of the diets of equine weight watchers.  For those watching the dietary starch and sugar intakes, each sprinkle supplies only a few additional grammes of sugar and trace amounts of starch, whilst brightening up small and boring feed offerings.

If you have found a different use or handy solution using our fabulous feed-topping, we would love to hear from you.