A great evening full of great advice, fabulous horses and of course some great humor between Alice and William!

The evening began with seeing William work his horses on the flat. We met Baxter, a lovely bay Thoroughbred, as well as homebred Crunchie! We learnt about what William looks for in a horse, and how he brings his young horses on.

After the break it was time for some jumping with ”Yes I Can’! Starting with an exercise from Chris Bartle, which keeps the jumps small but allows horse and rider to practice their technique instead and includes circles and changing leg.

Georgisaurous was next in for some flatwork and test movements, sporting the white Tri-Zone Impact Sports boots. Top bit of advice from William – “Ride down the centre line and look at the judge – dare them to give you less than an 8!”. He went on to show off some medium trot, shoulder in and square halts just to name a few things.

Finally in comes the lovely Oslo, who showed off some very technical lines to different cross country style fences, demonstrating why straightness, rhythm and balance are so important! Using angles, changes of speed, and getting them to really concentrate on the jump between the flags can really help prepare the horses for out on the cross country course.

We hope everyone who attended liked their goody bags from us too!

Take a look at our video for a sneak peak of the evening!

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