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Tri-Zone® Tendon Boots
Innovative secure closure for hook and loop straps to ensure boots stay in place
3 protective zones for increased impact protection

Tri-Zone® Tendon Boots

Intelligent, Targeted Protection

  • Made from high impact resistant TPU
  • Featuring 3 protective zones
  • Unique corrugated EVA lining for increased impact protection
  • Encourages airflow between the boot and the skin
  • Disperses shock waves away from tendons
  • Grit and sand does not get inside the boot

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Your horse says...

"I love jumping but sometimes when I am going over a big scary fence I jump too big and can get in a bit of a muddle on landing. My new Tri-Zone Tendon Boots give me the protection, comfort and confidence I need to really go for it."

You say...

"Protection is extremely important to me when selecting boots. In the Tri-Zone boots I have peace of mind knowing I'm giving my horses the best protection I can."

"The Tri-Zone boots with their high impact resistance and unique, soft inner lining give my horses a high standard of protection and comfort when in action. Not only that but they're stylish too."



  • Brown
  • Terracotta / Black (Special 2007 edition)
  • White
  • Black


  • Large
  • Medium

More Info

Outstanding Independent Laboratory Test Results - Tri-Zone Tendon Boots outperformed market leading brands:

  • Absorbed 50% more concussion from impact
  • Provided 50% more protection from penetration
  • Rated 60% better than the next best
    performing brand.

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