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Two new variants to the munch range of healthy snacks

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"I use the massage pad as part of my warm up. My mare is a bit tense (wants to please and then gets upset if she thinks she isn't perfect) and I use the pad before I ride. I pick her feet and start brushing her off whilst its finishing and she stays much calmer (less inclined to be 'nippy' etc). The poor thing gets so tense that you can hear her tummy churning!!! And the pad has definitely helped her! "
- Massage Therapy Massage Pad

"During the Summer months, my horse suffers from a Pollen allergy which causes him to headshake and generally get very irritated and itchy around his nose area - that is until I tried Equilibrium Nose nets. They are fantastic and his head shaking has stopped completely and he is a lot more relaxed and happy. For the last three summers he has worn a no sent from April - October to help to relieve the hay fever like symptoms which he seems to suffer from. I now wouldn't be without one during the summer - they are fantastic, especially as you can cut them down to get the perfect size to fit the individual horse."
- Net Relief® Muzzle Net

"My horse is on box rest after under going surgery and he tends to get bored very easily. I thought I would try some calm munch and he absolutely loves it!"
- munch™ calmmunch™

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