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Two new variants to the munch range of healthy snacks

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"The calmmunch was so useful whilst away competing with my young horse, especially as it was his first trip away from home. He got fretful when I took my other horse away to compete, so I soaked a calmmunch for him and put it in a feed skip and it helped keep him occupied whilst ensuring he got some food inside him"
- munch™ calmmunch™

""I believe that the Tri-Zone Airlite Allsports boots are a step forward in the maintenance of tendon and ligaments in horses galloping. After galloping my horses with the Allsports boots on their legs are dry, not sweaty and noticeably cooler to touch." Jonathan Chapman, Event Rider and Chairman BE Safety Committee"
- Tri-Zone® All Sports Boot

"The Tri-zone Cross Country boots have become an essential part of my equipment. They are super protective, yet unbelievably light weight, and the air vents keep my horse's legs from overheating. They are great in water, as it drains out quickly and doesn't add any weight. I highly recommend them, especially for my upper level horses. - Buck Davidson"
- Tri-Zone® Cross Country Boot

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