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Boots, Wraps or Chaps - what to wear and when

What customers say about our products...

"We have used it on the young horse who has always had a back problem - one sided and restricted stride. He is now working equally on both sides and there is no tenderness over his back at all. "
- Massage Therapy Massage Pad

"I wanted to protect her legs and keep them warm through the winter months. I have found these to be excellent too. The material is soft yet strong. The width perfect, the shaping to the fetlocks, an excellent idea....I find the boots remain in place all night, they do not twist around or slide down. The velcro is very good and very little shavings stick to it. I have been really pleased with their performance and can rest assured that her legs are warm and protected. We have had -12 degrees here in Norfolk this winter! "
- Equi-Chaps® Stable Chaps

"They are so comfortable for my horse to wear and offer him great support & protection."
- Stretch & Flex® Training Wraps

Mud fever prevention made easy

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