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Boots, Wraps or Chaps - what to wear and when

What customers say about our products...

"It's a great boredom breaker especially in the small holed hay net and I like that my horse is getting a good source of nutrients without having to feed more forage/hard feed thus adding to his weight"
- munch™ vitamunch®

"My horse is on box rest after under going surgery and he tends to get bored very easily. I thought I would try some calm munch and he absolutely loves it!"
- munch™ calmmunch™

"I use the massage pad as part of my warm up. My mare is a bit tense (wants to please and then gets upset if she thinks she isn't perfect) and I use the pad before I ride. I pick her feet and start brushing her off whilst its finishing and she stays much calmer (less inclined to be 'nippy' etc). The poor thing gets so tense that you can hear her tummy churning!!! And the pad has definitely helped her! "
- Massage Therapy Massage Pad

Mud fever prevention made easy

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