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Two new variants to the munch range of healthy snacks

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"I just wanted to say I bought the Field Relief® Midi Fly Mask with ears at Badminton this year as my horse has not got on with any other fly mask properly, either getting them off or irritating her face. The Field Relief® Midi Fly Mask has been an absolute god send, it doesn't rub, there's plenty of space for her eyes, its comfortable for her to wear and protects her face perfectly especially her eyes. With the extreme heat we've endured recently and the sheer volume of flies I couldn't have asked for a better product. It Is true what they say, you get what you pay for! "
- Field Relief® Midi Fly Mask

""I like the fact that it massages the area of the saddle and behind the saddle where we get the most tension. It's brilliant value.""
- Massage Therapy Massage Pad

"I find the boots are easily fitted and that the non absorbent material keeps the boots light while providing superior protection to both front and back legs. Kevin McNab, International Event Rider"
- Tri-Zone® Impact Sports Boot

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