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1 year product guarantee

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Free delivery on most orders over £40

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Rated 4.9/5 stars on Feefo

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Researched & tested products

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Innovating for over 20 years!

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Supporting Redwings Horse Sanctuary & Brooke

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Feefo Gold Trusted Service Award Winner

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Categories: Care essentials, Essentials, Eventing, New, Sun & Fly Protection for Horses

Quick Chill Cooling Rug


The perfect solution to cool the temperature of your horse. This advanced rug utilises water-activated conduction technology to draw heat away from your horses’ body, promoting optimal comfort and cooling during warm weather.

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Ideal for:

  • Cooling your horse down without the need to get them soaking wet.
  • Warm competition days to gently cool your horse before, in between or after classes.
  • Horses who get hot when/after travelling.
  • Horses who don’t like the hose, or the feeling of running water.
  • Yards or remote locations where running water may be limited.
  • Training sessions, competitions, or arena hires where access to running water is limited.
  • Countries or areas where hose pipe bans may be enforced.

How the Quick Chill Rug works:

Designed with your horses’ wellbeing in mind, the Quick Chill rug provides a refreshing cooling effect without the need for traditional soaking.

Here’s a breakdown of how the Quick Chill rug works:

  1. Specialised Material

The rug is made from a high tech, breathable open cell structure material, which is designed to effectively absorb and store water. This material has been chosen for its ability to retain water, but also to allow the water molecules to move through the fabric easily.

The rug should be fully submerged in a bucket of water, or thoroughly soaked. Once removed from the bucket, wring out the excess water and place onto the horse. The water stored within the fabric is essential for the cooling process, but due to it being held within the fabric, it will stop your horse from getting soaking wet.

  1. Heat transfer, evaporative cooling and breathability.

Your horse will be warmer than the rug, and so the thermal energy will move via conduction from the hottest place (the horse) to the cooler place (the rug) to equalise temperatures. The water from the rug also evaporates into the atmosphere to further aid cooling, similar to what happens when your horse sweats to naturally attempt to cool themselves down.

The cooling area of the rug is contoured and shaped so that it covers the large muscle groups across the back and hindquarters with direct contact, and the remainder of the rug is mesh to allow it to remain lightweight for use in the summer, but also to remain well-ventilated to facilitate breathability and evaporation to further aid the cooling process.  

  1. Reusability

This process helps regulate the horses body temperature while providing a cooling sensation without soaking the horse. The rug can be reactivated as many times as it is needed by re-soaking it in water, making it an environmentally friendly solution to keep horses cool in warm conditions.

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How to Use the Quick Chill Rug

Submerge the rug in a bucket of water until it is fully saturated, before wringing it out. If you have limited access to water, you can activate the rug before placing it into a plastic bag and taking it with you to where it is needed. The rug will stay activated in this environment for the rest of the day. Alternatively, sprinkle water from a hose or bottle of water onto the rug, wring out the excess water and then put on your horse. We recommend monitoring the temperature of the outside of the rug by feel to ensure it is removed when it feels warm. It can then either be reactivated in water to be used again straight away or left to dry out.
Care should be taken in humid climates and the rug should be checked more often, as humidity can affect the process of evaporation in general, from the rug or even on an un-rugged horse.

Size Guide

Size 5'6 5'9 6'0 6'3 6'6 6'9 7'0
Spine Length 125cm 130cm 135cm 145cm 150cm 155cm 160cm
Body Length 173cm/68" 179cm/70" 184cm/72" 191cm/75" 199cm/78" 206cm/81" 215cm/84"
Size Spine Length
5'6 125cm
5'9 130cm
6'0 135cm
6'3 145cm
6'6 150cm
6'9 155cm
7'0 160cm
Size Body Length
5'6 173cm/68"
5'9 179cm/70"
6'0 184cm/72"
6'3 191cm/75"
6'6 199cm/78"
6'9 206cm/81"
7'0 215cm/84"

Frequently Asked Questions

The Quick Chill rug is not designed to be used during ridden exercise. It could be draped over the hind quarters behind the saddle when stood still at a competition on a hot day, but please check with the event organiser rules regarding use of rugs in warm up arenas.

Absolutely! If you wish to cool down your horse and getting their coat wet isn’t an issue, you can place the Quick Chill rug on a wet horse.

The Quick Chill rug can be used as many times a day as needed, but please make sure the horse is not cooled down too much in cold or windy weather.

The Quick Chill rug is perfect for cooling the horse down during a stop at a service station, periodically in stand still traffic and after travelling. We do not recommend leaving this rug on the horse for several hours at a time without reactivating the cooling.

Yes, the rug can be washed with a 30-degree programme. Please do not tumble dry or use any direct heat source to dry the rug.

The Quick Chill rug can be applied while the horse is still sweaty, but any sweat marks should be brushed off after the horse has been cooled down to reduce the risk to itching. If the rug is used on a very sweaty horse, we recommend washing the rug before using or storing the rug.

The Quick Chill rug comes in a rug bag made from a mesh fabric, which allows the rug to dry inside the bag. To store the rug please fold the rug into the bag while the rug is still slightly soft. Hang the bag out to dry with the rug inside and only pack away once the rug is completely stiff and dry inside the bag.


The active rapid cooling effect lasts until the outside surface of the rug feels warm to the touch. The time it takes for the rug and the skin temperature of the horse to equalise varies according to the atmospheric temperature and humidity. Once the rug feels warm, reactivate the cooling effect by wetting the rug as many times as needed. On a typical warm day in the UK the cooling effect lasts a minimum of 10 minutes.

It will take about 4-6 hours at ambient room temperature.

The cooling effect does not diminish from washing or use.

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  • FREE Next Day Delivery – for orders over £100 and placed before 2pm. (UK Mainland only. Excludes Highlands, Northern Ireland, and Islands)

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