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Equilibrium Products – Testimonials

“I had been searching for a year to find a lightweight, high quality, durable boot and was thrilled to discover the Tri-Zone Allsports boot. I use it for racing and schooling at home”


Jessica Harrington Racehorse Trainer

Jessica HarringtonRacehorse Trainer

“I couldn’t be without my Massage Pad. It eases any stiffness in the horses’ back so when I get on them they are much looser and less tense.”


Judy HarveyInternational Dressage Rider, FEI Judge & Trainer

“These wraps are very breathable and light weight yet still provide super protection, what a great combination!”


Pierre St JacquesUSA Dressage Rider

I cannot thank Equilibrium Products enough for Harry’s Therapy Combi Pack. The difference it has made is incredible! We travel him in his magnetic rug and then put his massage rug on for half an hour before work and he moves like a different horse!

Sophie ChristiansenParalympic Gold Medalist
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