Our story begins with one horse, Timmy or ‘Cause for Optimism’. He is the reason we are here today.

The First Product.

It all started when he started frantically tossing his head during ridden work shortly after he turned 5 years old. This lead to his owner, Margaret Donnelly, designing the Net Relief Muzzle Net to help him. While Timmy is no longer with us, he lived a great life until the grand age of 27, his legacy will live on and its through his courage and determination that so many other horses have been helped around the world. Read the rest of his story here.

Word got out about the Muzzle Net and how it helped Timmy and many other horses. Horse & Hound featured it and the phones started to go mad! Who would have thought one person trying to solve a problem with their horse could have such a large impact.

Onto the second!

Liz Benwell of ETN suggested we should attend the BETA Trade Show. Behind the scenes, Margaret had already been working on a second product, the Field Relief Max. If there were flies about, Timmy used to stand with his head in hedge because he was really sensitive if the flies landed on his face. The Field Relief Max was designed as a ‘big bubble’ – something to cover his entire head but comfortable enough to leave on all day! He used to basically put the fly mask on himself and dive right into it!

Our first BETA Trade show. 

The first year we attended was 2001, without the faintest idea of what we were walking into. Armed with a wheelbarrow, a garden table, some posters and a TV… Our jaws dropped when we realised there were massive ‘flashy’ stands and it was a posh affair!

Nevertheless, the Net Relief Muzzle Net was out on display as well as a prototype of the Field Relief Max Fly Mask, and the queues of retailers who wanted to buy the products started to form. We couldn’t believe it!

The Beginning of Equilibrium Products.

From then on, Margaret realised she actually had lots of product ideas – Timmy was a source of inspiration! His name was Cause for Optimism – which is some sort of divine inspiration. No matter what happens, you need to stay positive and keep trying to find a solution to move forwards.

March 2001 was when Margaret officially started working at Equilibrium Products – and not just in the evenings! Fast forward 20 years and we’re still here with our core message of ‘Making a difference to horses’ lives’ – inspired by Timmy and all the wonderful equines around us. We’re a team of horse owners who are passionate about our jobs, our company and our industry.

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