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The Equilibrium blog provides news and information on equestrian lifestyle, offers advice and insight on equine therapy, nutrition and wellbeing along with useful resources and invaluable tips.

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Poll injuries from Pulling Back

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Poll Injuries from Horses Pulling Back, from a Veterinary Physiotherapists point of view:   It is inevitable that most horses will be tied up from time to time, whether on the yard, in their stable, or in a lorry or trailer. Some horses will…

Feeding at Variable Heights in the Stable

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Sponsored Rider Judy Harvey uses different feeding heights in her stable after attending the Equine Sports Science Seminar with Centaur Biomechanics, where Sharon May-Davies presented about the requirement for domesticated horses to have variable…

Where, When and Why Heat Therapy Should be Used!

Heat Therapy Heat therapy, also known as thermotherapy, is one of the most comforting forms of therapy available and is usually accepted well by horses and ponies. It is easy to apply and has many benefits. The Benefits of Heat Therapy Increased…

Where, When and Why Cold Therapy Should be Used!

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Cold Therapy Cold therapy, also known as cryotherapy, is a versatile therapy that we all reach for at the first signs of injury. The Benefits of Cold Therapy The main purpose of cold therapies is to constrict the capillaries and reduce…

Feeling the heat?

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The competition season is now in full swing and although the sun and mud-free fields make most riders happy, many horses struggle to adapt and continue working efficiently and it can be challenging to ensure your horse is kept comfortable and…

Getting Ready for Pony Club Camp with RB Equestrian

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We took Flo and Phoebe with Flo's pony Pru to RB last week (yes we actually took a pony into a shop, call us crazy) to help them get prepared for Pony Camp! Have a look to see what they got up to... and the mess they made!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lY_cq5iCHp8 Get…

WIN a Full Set of Impact Sports Boots

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  This competition is now closed. Congratulations to Danielle Jones - our lucky winner chosen at random!   Are you interested in hearing more about our competitions, news and advice? If so, please sign up to our e-newsletter…

Kissing Spine - Diagnosis to Recovery with Clara and Chili

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Kissing Spine seems to be all too common today with so many horses diagnosed. We caught up with Clara Kavanagh about her horse Chili, who is currently in rehabilitation following 'the ligament snip', as she explains his symptoms & diagnosis,…

Head shaking - here's a little hope!

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It may seem like you have tried everything you can to help your head shaker, but nothing seems to be helping significantly? Here's a story to keep you going and encourage you not to give up! Take a read about Kyle and Vin's journey. Kyles…

How One Horse Changed the Lives of Thousands of Horses - Timmy's Story

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Margaret Donnelly, Timmy's owner and founder of Equilibrium Products talks about what it's like having a horse diagnosed with head shaking, how she solved the problem and how helping her horse, she actually managed to help so many…

Easter Hunt - Find Rumpel!

Join us in our Easter Hunt to find Rumpel! For your chance to win a hamper of Easter Treats for your horse, find Rumpel on our website and send a photo of him hiding to marketing@equilibriumproducts.com The first person to contact us…