After a very long, wet, winter, spring is finally here! The sun is shining, the ground is drying up and the grass is starting to grow.

For most horse owners, this is probably the most pleasant time of the year. All the goodness of summer but without the horse files! However, the inevitable will happen soon, where we will all have to dig our fly stuff out. Get ahead of the flies and be prepared early on! Make sure those fly masks are clean with no holes, anything dirty could attract more flies and cause skin irritation, while anything damaged will just let the pesky flies in. If your fly mask is looking a bit worse for wear, be an early bird and save 10% on our Field Relief Fly Mask range – offer ending 31st March 2020. Our fly masks are long-lasting, comfortable and offer excellent protection from flies and sun rays, all with a one-year guarantee.

We all know the sad truth about winter, your head collars come out looking how you feel, tired and in need of some TLC!

Unfortunately, most head collars will never look as good as they did when you saw it in the shop. If you’ve got a leather head collar, now might be a good time to give it that much need maintenance they tend to crave. If you find you’re constantly cleaning and treating your head collars or buying new ones, why not save your time and money and buy one, versatile head collar which will last – the new Stellar Head Collar. It’s a head collar designed to take your horse from the field to the show ground, but also to release in the situation of a serious incident. Stellar™ has a specially designed, scientifically tested headpiece, with adjustable press-stud fasteners and keepers on both sides of the head collar. The headpiece releases when needed to prevent injury to the soft tissue and nerves on the face, poll and neck. Its long-lasting stainless-steel fittings, re-usable release system and smart leather-look synthetic material with extremely low maintenance – just wash in some warm water and it will look good as new.

Another good product to help with your spring cleaning is the plastic-covered, elasticated fillet string with clips either end. This fillet string is easy to wipe down after use, meaning there is no more wasted time trying to get their tail through without getting dirty or endless scrubbing. It is hard-wearing and easy to attach so you can move it between rugs if necessary.

Sadly, as we all know, the season hasn’t exactly started the way it was planned. During these unprecedented times, why not spread some love and hope by doing your part?

All your stuff that you haven’t touched for months, gather it together and donate it to a horse charity. With no visitors these places aren’t getting as much financial support as they usually would. Every little helps, any charity would be very grateful for anything you can offer them – even if it just boosts the staff’s moral.

Now on a slightly lighter note, unless you have a unicorn horse, it’s a pretty good guess that all your rugs will be dirty, greasy, need mending and gathering dust. You also don’t want to be encouraging rats to stick around by offering them a good place to live! Now is the perfect time to get your rugs washed and packed away for next winter.

Muddy, hairy, filthy boots. Sound familiar?

Our horses’ boots do get tested by the elements in winter. Take the time to give them a good scrub and put in the washing machine if you can. Dirty boots against legs can cause rubbing, and in an unlucky situation, infection – which is the last thing you’d want. The Tri-Zone All Sport Boots are a lightweight, breathable boot with a closed fronted style to offer all round protection. Suitable for a range of activities; ideal if you do a bit of everything with your horse and want the ease of one pair of boots to provide protection from hacking, lunging through to jumping – perfect to save space and cleaning time with one boot that does it all! And best of all, you can hose them off on the yard after use and they will dry quickly, ready for the next day!

Remember to finish of the spring cleaning by getting your tack looking clean and sparkling. Don’t let your leather dry out; give it the conditioning it deserves! There is no better feeling than seeing everything clean and tidy. We recommend NAF Leather Soft Soap – Cleans & Protects. Easy to apply glycerine based saddle soap with citronella for use on leather tack.

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