Keeping the Dream Alive

We all have different dreams – from spending time with our horsey best friends, all the way to competing at the next Olympics. We’ve worked with a few different people and brands to try bring you some inspiration to keep your dream alive! Take a look at the resources below.

How to get motivated with Flying Changes Coaching

Got questions for Jenni?

She’s kindly agreed to do a Q&A for us, so please contact us at [email protected] with your questions and we’ll put it to her!

How to improve your skills with Alex Bragg

Thank you to Team Bragg Eventing! 

Alex is fairly new to our team of sponsored riders, but what we realised quite early on that he is a ‘machine’ – he is so dedicated and motivated, so we thought he’d be the perfect person to give advice!

WIN a personalised message from Ben Hobday!

As part of #keepingthedreamalive, Ben is kindly doing a personal message for one lucky person! Could you use a bit of motivation? Or has one of your friends been an absolute rock and you think they deserve a little pick-me-up message from the one and only? Or maybe it would be perfect for a special occasion?

You can enter on our Facebook or Instagram – so head over to the post and enter in the comments, or drop us a message!

A big thank you to Ben Hobday for this prize, and also The Equestrian Sponsorship Hub.

Ask the Physio!

Now we’re bringing our horses back into work, the ground is getting harder, they are working harder… All of these factors, plus more, will have an effect on their bodies. We’ve got Vicky Boakes, Veterinary Physiotherapist, here to answer any questions you might have – from working your horse, building them up, things you’ve noticed, stretches you can do – you name it!

You can ask your questions on our Facebook or Instagram – so head over to the post and enter in the comments, or drop us a message, and we’ll get them over to Vicky for you!

Competition with Toggi

Head over to our Facebook to enter! 

Entries close after the 10th June 2020.

Competition Coming Soon with Flying Changes Coaching

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