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1 year product guarantee

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Free delivery on most orders over £40

Rated 4.9/5 stars on Feefo

Rated 4.9/5 stars on Feefo

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Researched & tested products

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Innovating for over 20 years!

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Supporting Redwings Horse Sanctuary & Brooke

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Feefo Gold Trusted Service Award Winner

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Massage Pad Instructions (Small, Standard and XL)

Instructions for the Small, Standard and XL Massage Pad

While most horses accept the Massage Pad immediately, introducing it for the first time should be done carefully to ensure a positive experience.

Massage Pad Battery in Use

Preparing to use the Massage Pad

When you receive your Massage Pad, the battery will already hold some charge. You may want to top this up before it's first use. A full charge can take up to 12 hours.

When you are ready, you can connect your battery into your Massage Pad by plugging in the cable found in the pocket on the right hand side of the pad.

Massage Pad Fit

Introducing the Massage Pad

It's a good idea to have someone hold and reassure your horse when introducing the Pad for the first time.
Put the straps over the Pad so they aren't in the way, and then slide it gently over the horses' back into the correct position (sit the front of the Massage Pad over the shoulders). The Pad should naturally sit into the curve of your horses back.
Adjust the straps to fit, but don't fasten them straight away.
If your horse seems happy, you can switch the Massage Pad on using the on/off button. It will automatically start on the low settings.

Massage Pad Straps
XL Pad Straps

Doing up the straps

If you are confident your horse is comfortable, you can then fasten the chest strap followed by the belly straps.
The belly straps should cross like a rug, and on the XL Massage Pad the centre strap goes straight across to the opposite centre strap.
Start with the straps tightened so they are sitting flush against your horse's sides and the Pad feels secure on your horses' back. As the horse relaxes throughout their massage, it is possible they will take deeper breaths and may need the straps readjusting to allow their rib cage to expand. The straps should never be overtightened.
If you find the Massage Pad isn't sitting flush with your horses sides, ensure the straps aren't too tight.

The Massage Session

Each session lasts for 30 minutes and then automatically turns off. If you don’t have 30 minutes, you can manually turn it off using the on/off button. Horses will still benefit from a shorter session.

Ensure your horse is tied up securely and do not leave them unattended while the Pad is in use.

There are 3 massage intensities to choose from:

  • The low setting can be used to cool down after work.
  • The medium setting is ideal to warm up muscles before exercise.
  • The high setting for when your horse requires a more intense massage.

Our testing showed that using the Massage Pad 6 times a week showed an increase in back flexibility, while promoting relaxation. Therefore the best chance of gaining the greatest benefit from your Massage Pad is to make it second nature to put it on before you ride.

Massage Pad in Stable Web

When to use massage for your horse

• For horses on box rest to maintain good blood flow

• After exercise to help support recovery

• Before exercise as part of warm up

• At a show to relax after travelling

• On your horses day off as part of a maintenance programme.

• Anytime as a reward.


Caring for the Massage Pad

When not in use, always unplug the battery from the Pad to preserve its charge.

The material shouldn’t be washed, but it can be wiped down to clean any grease or marks off it.

Take care to store the Massage Pad in warm, dry conditions. Make sure the pad is dry before being stored away between uses.



Please only use the Equilibrium International Charger to charge the Equilibrium Battery and the Equilibrium Heatsense Battery wiath the Equilibrium Heatsense Charger. Failure to do so could result in serious damage to the battery.

Equilibrium®  Massage Battery & Charger

Your battery may arrive with some charge in it, but we recommend that you charge it fully before your first use. Full charge of the battery can take up to 12 hours. Once the battery is charged, the light on the charger will turn to green from red.

A fully charged battery should last at least:

•   12 x 30 minute sessions on high in the Massage Pad
•   24 x 10 minute sessions on high in the Massage Mitt
•   10 x 10 minute sessions with heat and on high in the Hotspot

Safety Information

Do not expose the battery pack to heat or fire.
When the charger is not in use disconnect from the battery and mains.
This charger is only intended for indoor use.
Before using check that the charger and its cable show no signs of damage or discolouration.
Avoid storage in direct sunlight.
Do not use in a humid environment. Keep away from rain, other precipitation or sources of moisture.
Do not subject the battery to mechanical shock.
Disconnect the battery from equipment when not in use to avoid potentially draining the battery.
Do not dismantle, shred or open the battery pack.
Do not short circuit the battery.
Do not store the battery haphazardly where other metal items may short circuit the battery.
Only use the Equilibrium® International Charger with the Equilibrium® Silver Battery.
Do not use any charger other than that specifically provided for use with the equipment.
Do not use if the Battery casing becomes cracked.

Frequently Asked Questions for Massage Pads

We would recommend not using the Heatsense Battery with your Massage Pad, and it should only be charged using the specific Heatsense Charger.

It is best never to run a Li-Ion battery completely flat, so if it is left flat and for long periods of time, it is likely shorten its shelf life. Any battery left for a long period without use/charge will discharge slowly (very slowly in our battery’s case), so even if stored full and left, it might be drained by the time you go to use it again, so make sure you charge it again before use.

The Equilibrium Battery needs to be stored out of direct sunlight. The easiest way to do this would be to keep it in the Massage Pad or Mitt pocket, as long as the product is stored in a cool, dry environment. We recommend that you disconnect the battery for storage.

Li-Ion batteries have a longer shelf- life when they are charged regularly. Ideally your Equilibrium Battery should be charged before running completely flat.

The Equilibrium Silver Battery will work with the older style Equilibrium Massage Pad (black or navy in colour), however it can only be charged using the silver Equilibrium International Charger.


The Massage Pad, Mitt Hotspot and Massage Mitt were developed to provide a superficial (surface) massage to maintain the horses’ well being. This was proven in our tests by showing an increase in back flexibility and overall relaxation. The Massage Pad was not developed to replace the manual techniques of a qualified physiotherapist or massage therapist. Only a trained professional should carry out a massage to your horse that is able to reach the deeper muscles.

Yes, you can use the massage setting on the Massage Pad/ Heatsense and/or Massage Mitt/Hotspot up to 3 times a day. Especially at a competition you may wish to use it before you ride as a warm up and in-between phases or rounds. However, we recommend not using the heat setting on the Heatsense for more than one cycle, or the Hotspot for more than two consecutive cycles.

In our clinical trial the Massage Pad was used 6 days a week. Using it this frequently showed significant improvements in back flexibility and overall relaxation. Therefore we recommend using it at least this often to see the maximum benefits.

We do not advise travelling in the massage pad for 2 reasons. The first is that if a horse leans on the Massage Pad on the partition this could damage the Massage Pad. Secondly, to get the most benefit out of a massage the horse needs to be stood at rest.

Store the Massage Pad, Mitt Hotspot or Mitt  somewhere dry and safe inside the sports holdall it comes with. Avoid extreme temperatures to prevent damage to the battery and disconnect the battery. Please ensure the product is clean and dry before storage.

The battery will last at least twelve 30 minute massage sessions, however you may find it does more than this. Charge when the massage feels weaker.

Low – Most gentle massage ideal for: box rest and after exercise as a gentle warm down

Medium – General everyday setting for use: before exercise as a warm up, at a show to help relax after travelling and on the day off work for your horse as part of a maintenance programme

High – Use for a more intense massage.

All horses are different and you will get to know what your horse enjoys and finds relaxing. Some horses will prefer a gentle massage on the low setting and some may enjoy a more intense massage.

Replacement batteries and chargers for the Equilibrium Massage Pad, Mitt Hotspot and Massage Mitt can be ordered & purchased directly from our website. Please note these will not fit the older Navy Mitt, if you have one of these please contact us for help.