Love Your Horse this Valentines Day


Here at Equilibrium we believe your horse deserves as much love as everyone else does this Valentines Day. Horses don’t need any big fancy gestures to feel special, so why not show your mare some love with Simplymare?

As we all know, it’s not uncommon for a mare’s temperament, condition and/or performance to change frequently due to her hormonal cycle. Simplymare is a fantastic 2-in-1 product to help aid your mare’s temperament and hormonal cycle, as well as keeping them in a top condition all year round.

Many people have used this product and gained some fantastic responses:

  • I have to praise you for coming up with these pellets.
    I had thought
    my little mare was just dominant, turned out she was being mare-ish and I was advised to give her a mare/hormone supplement.
    She was a rescue and has thrived with care and also quite a good doer, so I didn’t need to feed her through the summer months. I search and search the Internet for something I could feed out of my hand and not have to add to feed. Thank fully I found Simply Mare Pellets and we have never looked back. She is easier and has a lovely coat.” – Jill Widdop.

Not only is it effective in helping the mare’s cycles it is also low in sugar, calories and starch. It offers omega 3 oils, and vitamin B6 (promoting mane, tail, coat and hoof condition), and additional ingredients such as biotin, vervain (aiding hormone cycles), and a live yeast probiotic (helps absorption of essential nutrients). 


No need to leave the Geldings out either this Valentines Day. Our low in sugar, and naturally healthy treat – Crunchits, are also a great way to show your horse some love.

 Crunchits consist of natural fruits and veg, including things such as strawberry, carrot and parsnip. Their aromas, texture, and variety of flavors make them irresistible. Your horse or pony will love them, creating a great tasty treat or reward.

It’s not only us that love, them the horses do too:

  • “Crunchits are the perfect treat for my 25 year old cushings pony. I finally found a treat he can have and that he loves, he will literally do anything for one!”- Zoe Harris
  • I was honestly surprised as they weren’t the same as normal treats and he can be quite fussy, but he really liked them and I was happy that they were low sugar and all natural.” – Lily Macpherson

Does your horse suffer from boredom? Why not use our Valentine’s Day offer and purchase a Crunchits Horse Treat Ball Bundle. All you have to do is place some Crunchits in the treat ball and your horse will be kept occupied, both inside and outside their stable with little fuss needed. The two holes in the ball maximize horse enjoyment and can come in a variety of color.

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