Introducing Jason Webb and Australian Horsemanship

What is Australian Horsemanship?

Australian Horsemanship is “A modern, common sense approach to traditional Australian methods based on a practical application of horse psychology that aims to create a balance for both horse and rider.”

When we first learnt of Jason and his attitude towards horses how could we not team up with him? His calm manner and natural approach to training and behavioural issues appeared to match Equilibrium’s philosophy, ‘In Harmony with Horses’ exactly.

Jason’s methods and systems employed are based on the psychology of the horse and rider. They aim to develop a balanced working relationship between the two for any level of experience and ability. Jason’s training is based around the practicalities of handling and riding horses with confidence and control, which lead to a safe and successful partnership.

About Jason Webb

Jason grew up on his family’s 4000 acre sheep and cattle property at the foot of the Snowy Mountains in New South Wales, Australia, where he was bought up to be “honest, hard working and respectful” – lessons which he has carried with him throughout life!

Described as “being born in the saddle”, Jason and his three siblings spent their formative years gaining an all-round equestrian education working the farm from horseback, and competing at Pony Club, show jumping, polocrosse, campdrafting and rodeo. With a passion for racing, Jason’s father, Doug bred Thoroughbreds for the local racetrack and it wasn’t rare for these horses to be retrained for the polocrosse field alongside their homebred Australian Stock Horses.

In his early teens, Jason was taught to break-in horses using the same methods handed down through generations of horsemen in his family – similar to the methods that are widely described as ‘natural horsemanship’ today. Having developed an interest in this area of work, Jason spent time with some excellent competitors and trainers in Australia where he improved his understanding of horse psychology, the methods of starting young horses and remedial work with ‘problem’ horses. During this time, Jason captained the New South Wales U21 polocrosse team to victory at the 1998 National Polocrosse Championships and traveled to Zimbabwe for an eight month stint playing polocrosse and training horses. He then came to the UK, again to play polocrosse, but found himself becoming sought after as a breaker of young horses in south east area. He quickly gained a reputation for producing calm, well mannered horses and for having an ability to turn around horses with severe behavioral and ridden problems.

In 2002, Jason decided to settle in the UK and set up his business, Australian Horsemanship, at Risebridge Farm – the family farm of his future wife, Penny. It has gone from strength to strength, now handling over 200 horses a year, and employing nine full and part-time members of staff. The horses come from professional riders, studs and private owners nationwide and he regularly receives referrals from vets, farriers, equine dentists and other equestrian professionals.


Watch Jason in action during a demonstration day working to desensitise a spooky horse.

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