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Stretch & Flex® Training Wraps
Extra padding for extra protection
Fetlock strap offers additional support
Breathable Stomatex® helps to regulate the skin temperature, so the hotter your horse the more breathable the wrap

Stretch & Flex® Training Wraps

Free your horse's natural paces

  • For when your horse needs extra protection and support
  • Soft and comfortable to wear
  • Made from breathable Stomatex
  • Offer supreme levels of support, protection and comfort
  • Extremely flexible so no restrictions are placed upon your horse's movement
  • Fetlock strap offers additional support and helps to prevent dirt getting under the wrap, avoiding rubbing and irritation
  • For young horses, big moving horses, those recovering from injury and the 'accident prone'
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Your horse says...

"These wraps are so comfortable and my legs don't get sweaty. "

You say...

"The training wraps are lovely, they are extremely good for western riding as they allow so much freedom when they are moving. I love the material! my horses legs don't get hot and sweaty as they allow air in. I am going to highly recommend these to my western friends!"



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  • 4 Extra Large
  • 3 Large
  • 2 Medium
  • 2N* Medium Narrow
  • 1 Small

More Info

STRETCH & FLEX Training Wraps have been designed for those times when your horse may need extra protection from knocks. They are particularly ideal for:
Young, imbalanced horses
Training new movements
Big moving horses
Hacking sharp or spooky horses
Riding over uneven ground or Fast Work

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