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Stretch & Flex® Training Wraps
Extra padding for extra protection
Fetlock strap offers additional support
Breathable Stomatex® helps to regulate the skin temperature, so the hotter your horse the more breathable the wrap

Stretch & Flex® Training Wraps

Free your horse's natural paces

  • For when your horse needs extra protection and support
  • Soft and comfortable to wear
  • Made from breathable Stomatex
  • Offer supreme levels of support, protection and comfort
  • Extremely flexible so no restrictions are placed upon your horse's movement
  • Fetlock strap offers additional support and helps to prevent dirt getting under the wrap, avoiding rubbing and irritation
  • For young horses, big moving horses, those recovering from injury and the 'accident prone'
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Your horse says...

"These wraps are so comfortable and my legs don't get sweaty. "

You say...

"“All through the summer her legs never sweated, the material allows them to breath. The soft material has not chaffed or rubbed her legs in any way. The velcro has remained completely usable, sometimes velcro wears with continuous use. The boots wash easliy and dry quickly. On rainy days I stand them up to dry ready for the next day. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”



  • White
  • Black


  • 4 Extra Large
  • 3 Large
  • 2 Medium
  • 2N* Medium Narrow
  • 1 Small

More Info

STRETCH & FLEX Training Wraps have been designed for those times when your horse may need extra protection from knocks. They are particularly ideal for:
Young, imbalanced horses
Training new movements
Big moving horses
Hacking sharp or spooky horses
Riding over uneven ground or Fast Work

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