Although we might not be able to physically be with our horses all the time, technology allows us to be able to monitor them, so if we need to be there, we can!

We’d like to introduce you to Trackener, who are a UK based company, pioneering the use of horse monitoring systems that enable owners to remotely watch over their horses.

The idea came from Pauline (CEO)’s experience, as she lost a mare from colic and saw the frustration shared by all horse owners, always trying our best to take care of our horses, but still having them experience injuries and health issues.

Trackener is a simple, easy to use system that enables you to monitor your horses remotely 24/7. A simple bib holds the Trackener device in place with inbuilt GPS, heart rate and motion sensors.

On the easy-to-use mobile app you have access to activity levels, sleep patterns, location and heart rate, and it sends alerts in real time if unusual behaviours are identified.

This provides you the peace of mind that either all is as it should be or identifies potential health problems, enabling you to optimise the care they provide to their horses and prevent problems from happening.

The technology has been validated by the Royal Veterinary College and the University of Liverpool as early warning system of abnormal physical activity, including colic signs.

Want to find out more about Trackener? You can find their website here. Interested in buying or hiring? You can get an exclusive discount here.

We had the privilege of trying the Trackener for one of our horses here at Equilibrium who can get quite upset in the field when it starts coming to bring in time, which results in an unhappy, stressed horse (and owner!). We loved Trackener because we could keep an eye on him, without even being there!! Not only could we have the horse brought in before he got upset, but also track his habits so changes could be made to his routine to keep him happy! Overall, we loved this piece of kit which has endless uses – the more insight we can get from our horses, the better we can care for them.

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